Within this year in 2021, KPMG’s survey stated that 98% of Saudi CEOs set to invest in cloud technology

Image Credit: - Bethany Drouin/Pixabay.Com

Accepting the Digital revolution, around an overwhelming 98 percent of Senior Company expert officials are on the track and in pursuit to upsurge their investments within the cloud computing this year, as per the new survey carried out by the global consultancy major KPMG.

As according to global consultancy firm KPMG’s 2020 CEO Outlook survey, it is estimated out that: Cloud Computing is the hot selling agenda that is atop as the pioneer agenda as for the most tech CEO’s within the kingdom, alongside the investments raised out within AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as the 5G that is popular.

As stated by Mazhar Hussain, chief disruption officer at KPMG in Saudi Arabia that: “The pace of technological adoption has quickened this year as organizations react to the new working reality. Most of the CEOs believe the pandemic has accelerated the creation of a seamless digital customer experience and [that the] creation of new digital revenue streams has advanced during the pandemic.”

He further also added out that: “Nonetheless, the pandemic has seen an uptick of cyberattacks, which has increased awareness and investment into cybersecurity. The number of vulnerabilities in most organizations’ operations has increased with remote work. Hence, companies must resist the urge to direct budget cuts toward preventative cyber measures and [view] the sharp increase in global cybercrime as a reason to keep advancing their cyber defences.”

The KPMG’s valuable survey at the same time also stated out further that: At the same prevailing time, wherein, the pandemic has traumatized CEO’s confidence in global economic progress as almost 32 percent opined out stating that they are less confident regarding the global evolution prospect within the subsequent three years than they were during the commencement of the year.

Despite the arousing fact that: The technological evolution can swiftly bring in with it a lot security related hurdles, despite it, 88 percent of Saudi-based CEOs have viewed the technological revolution rather than as a prospect than as a huge threat.

The German Business Software Firm, SAP found that while 83 percent of respondents shared out that data sharing enhanced their innovation in prevailing goods or services, only 22 percent did this alongside their partners. And when it came to training, only 33 percentage of overall respondents had restrained workforces on how best to analyse the data.

This skills shortage was quoted by 61 percent of respondents as being a huge roadblock for meeting out the overall strategic alteration initiatives. While cloud computing investment is a significance, a survey in January by German business software concern SAP found that while more than four-fifths (89 percent) of Saudi senior public sector administrators agreed that data sharing facilitated them to progress on how they connected with citizens, many had not invested in training to implement this.


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