WPP, the global advertising giant noted that the overall brand value of the top 100 global firms surges ahead 6% to be at $5Tn


Topping as the next global valuable brand list, the Ecommerce and retail giant Amazon, which has witnessed its overall brand value surge by 32% in 2020.

As per the latest report and facts compiled by WPP the global advertising major along with its data management division Kantar, Apple and Microsoft at 14% brand value and latter at 30% brand value follows Amazon to complete the top three leading global valuable brands amongst ranking of top 100 global giants during 2020.

As per the latest report compiled as on Tuesday, the top 100th most valued global brands witnessed a steep rise amongst their brand values which had risen nearly 5.9 percent year-on-year to cross $5 Trillionth mark (Dh18.4tn) in the year 2020, despite the current health-virus-economic turmoil.

The core Technology Arena dominates the proceedings to emerge as the clear winner with 9 out of the top 10 firms in the global most valued brand this year, thus proving the sheer vitality of the sector in today’s data and tech savvy world. The technology arena dominated brands also continued to show its mettle by positioning itself over a third of brand value amongst the top 100th club as well as mounting overall by 10 percent annually.

For the consecutive second year in running Amazon topped the charts as the most trusted, noted valuable brand with almost a 32-percentage year-on-year rise, that also showed that the global retail and Ecommerce giant’s overall value to have increased by almost $100Bn this year. It also thus, by merit accounted for a third of the top 100’s most valued brand club total progress.

WPP further attributed the success of these top 10 out of the global 100th  most valued brand club by stating out that “these top 100 most valuable global brands have proven out their mettle by demonstrating that they are more ‘robust and less unstable’ in the current crisis than they were during the global economic crisis that rocked most top economies during 2008-09.”

The researchers evaluated these firms’ inventory value performance as well as other mean records for 12 months in conformity with April 7th as the deadline in imitation of assemble the rankings referred to as 2020 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Universal Brands.

Prior according to the global health-virus-economic turmoil, the total brand value worth of the top 100 brands used to be set in conformity to expand by 9 percent annually but that was once marginally affected by means of the outbreak, due to this declining in accordance to be at 5.9 percent.

The United States of America’s e-commerce platform was closely followed in tandem by means of iPhone-manufacturer Apple whose overall brand value surged 14 percent to $352.2bn.

Microsoft, as these days introduced the embrace on closure of its major retail stores globally, regained the third top spot in the top most valued global brand club ranking as its brand value jumped 30 percent to $326.5bn, much in advance of its competitor Google that climbed 5 percent to $323.6bn.

WPP, the global advertising giant attributed the success story behind oldest and powerful tech giant as “Microsoft’s core brand value has risen significantly due to its state of art, innovative, unique cloud-enabled administrative center ecosystem that is inhouse to Office 365 as well as Microsoft Teams, that has allowed humans in accordance to maintain “business so normal all through even the toughest lockdown period.”

Amol Ghate, the chief incharge for the Middle East insights division unit at Kantar stated that “This has been the most unfamiliar year during the entire era as like we have released the ranking alongside so much uncertainty and doubtfulness amidst the blow brought on by using the current health-virus-economic scare prevailing in the global business, financial ecosystem, however, the effects reassure to us as well they reaffirm our trust to that these powerful, sturdy brands have all it takes to face up to the economic pressures in a much better manner and thereby roll back swifter.”

Mr Ghate further added and stated that “They are as up to expectation the current health-virus-economic scare has accelerated assured present tendencies that these brands were aligned with it and thereby driving them similarly are triumphing of the demand by means of ensuring that stay significant after consumers.”

Doreen Wang, global brand head over BrandZ at Kantar, stated that “Innovation is the core and it has confirmed in conformity with stand an accomplishment piloting the surge into this year’s top one hundredth club and smoothing their pathway to prevent any further decline.”

Other agencies among the top 10 encompass Visa, Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook, McDonald’s as well as Mastercard.

“Companies as Amazon, Apple as well as Google – the tech giants that keep over innovating – bear correctly stayed relevant to customers then taken it less complicated because them to pick a brand.”

The retail arena additionally showed profound performance, developing 21 percent, the quickest among developing the brands net worth driven by way of the predominant other e-commerce players.

Retail e-commerce brands Amazon, Alibaba or JD tested innovation at some point of the hard times, alongside together with greater regular outlets kind of Walmart, as has invested significantly among its e-commerce capabilities, the report further said. Against a backdrop over uncertainty, those groups so much bear consistently invested among longer-term marketing yet between constructing strong firms have managed in imitation of fend aloof the overcome regarding the crisis, it added.


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