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Leading International Finance Magazine



International Business Magazine is a pioneer flagship journal brand seeking to motivate, choose amongst best talents, develop key policies, and bring out innovative deals amongst diverse spectrum of Industries complying with Business, Financial and other lead markets. Backed by dynamic, young, unbiased, comprehensive trained knowledge field experts, voracious readers and information collection team, we always deliver and bring out unique, best in class & never ever heard tales to promote excellence from all fields. We have our global presence to all key deliverables right from niche to Emerging Markets, SMEs to Lead Corporates, Stock Exchanges, Insurance Sectors, Wealth and Asset Management Sectors.

  • We extensively promote flagship talent bearers from across the globe and thus lead an inspirational leadership firebrand brigade to lead from front in the upcoming era.
  • We also dedicate ourselves to reckon the best Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Emerging young firebrands, popular welfare based Initiatives in brand companies. We keep our think-tank going strong all round the clock and have strong technical expertise.
  • Envisioned round our Vision and Mission of “Providing unique top-notch information to global audience under one roof” pertaining to key information related to ongoing trends in worldwide business, financial, Funds and Foreign Exchange, Stock Markets, Assets and Wealth Management Industries to just name a few.
  • Entire Award process is strictly supervised by expert panellists comprising of key subject matter experts taking extensive care in providing true in-depth analysis and review based on the performances.
  • Our USP is that “The Award process is completely free of charges” right from “Processing Nomination list”, “Selecting best Nominees”, and “Announcing Winners”.
  • In our strong endeavour to expand/diversify, we appeal to one and all to chip in with their valuable feedback that acts as our strong driving force to reckon with.

Thus, we always are elated to hear positive responses from our target audience and therefore invite active participation from all forums.