May 21, 2024

Aafiya Celebrates Five Years


Five years since its humble beginnings, Aafiya has grown its global presence with more than 100 nationalities served and 480 million claims processed.

Aafiya Medical Billing Services LLC recently celebrated five years as a Third-Party Administrator, continuing to play an integral role in the medical insurance industry in the UAE. 

Aafiya’s five years celebration was hosted at Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai as a grand event for all its key stakeholders to recognise the long-standing relationship and support from the industry stalwarts. Dr. Thumbay Moideen, founder and president of Thumbay Group graced the event with his presence as the chief guest. Several dignitaries from the healthcare industry including key representatives from insurance companies and medical providers were present. 

The event brought in an evening of art, music and Entertainment. Magicians and talented violinists celebrated Aafiya’s five-year journey with breath-taking performances. Exceptional sand artist Sarvam Patel, presented the inspiring journey of the chief guest Dr. Moideen as a successful businessman having grown his business empire from Dubai to different parts of the world, across 20 business sectors. The story of UAE’s growth and progress was also presented by the sand artist.  A group of child artists also performed in celebration showcasing Aafiya’s key achievements. A group of models performed an amazing ramp show to display the beautiful journey of Dahab. 

Humble beginnings

Remembering Aafiya’s initial journey, Ali Zaidi, general manager of Aafiya  said, “Back in 2016, we were flooded with a huge number of claims to be administered by a small team. We were unable to predict the volume of lives to be handled due to compulsory health insurance. We weren’t sleeping and were consuming more coffee than water. It was somehow impossible to meet family and friends because of the hectic schedule and work load. And finally, after weeks of sleepless nights, we managed to be on track with much more refined and systemised business operations.” Zaidi expressed his gratitude to his team and supporters for showering unconditional support, patience and trust through the years.  

He shared that Thumbay Group was Aafiya’s first client. Presenting a token of gratitude to Dr. Moideen, Zaidi appreciated the support and long-lasting relation between the two organisations. Dr. Moideen congratulated Aafiya on its success and perseverance in reaching this point. He praised Aafiya’s newly launched service Dahab and highlighted the growth prospects in the healthcare sectors. Many stakeholders from insurance companies, medical providers, strategic consultants and other important personalities associated with Aafiya were also felicitated for their continuous support and faith. Zaidi highlighted that one of Aafiya’s biggest achievements was touching close to one million lives as they de-segmented the market and had serviced all sort of plans such as EBP, EBP Enhanced, SME, individuals and HNI in a very short period of time. 

Since its launch, Dahab has been special and core to Aafiya’s business and has been a game-changer in the insurance industry. Sharing the story behind Dahab’s tagline “Beyond Just A Health Card”, Zaidi said he wanted to present Dahab as a passport to premium, value-added healthcare services. The idea was to empower people to be the CEO of their health. Dahab is for those who value their time and cherish a superior quality of life.  

Aafiya provides multiple channels to connect with customers and serves them in a quick and transparent way. Apart from call centers which are available 24X7, Aafiya has built a great connection with customers through Aafiya kiosk, mobile app, web chat, whatsapp and social media platforms. Aafiya has also expanded their wings to Abu Dhabi, opening their first branch office there on 30th March 2017.  

Talking about Aafiya winning 10 prestigious awards in just five years of its service, Zaidi said,”At Aafiya, innovation has been a part of the work culture to bring out the best for our customers.” Aafiya’s newly launched Dahab service was nominated this year amongst top three innovative services out of 45 innovative services by Middle East Insurance Awards. 

Zaidi also expressed his thanks to Aafiya’s Business Intelligence Unit, an expert team of actuaries, data and forecasting analysts. He attributed the long-lasting partnerships with 10 insurance companies in just a span of five years to his team. “This vertical works on sophisticated dashboard and refined tools, supports insurance companies and reinsurers in monitoring their portfolio in an efficient manner and also helps all the stakeholders to take right and unanimous decisions,” he added. 

Since its formation, Aafiya has grown its global presence with 100+ nationalities served, 480 million claims processed, partnering with 10 insurance companies, and bagging 10 prestigious awards. Speaking about upcoming expansion plans for Aafiya in different territories namely Oman, Kuwait, and India, Zaidi also said that by the year 2020 the Company would beexpanded globally with an estimate of five different international offices. 

He thanked and congratulated the whole team for their efforts in creating the best process.Expressing his gratitude for the sponsors of the event, he said, “This year we had plenty of ups and downs and we wouldn’t have been able to rise above them without your unconditional support, patience and trust. For that I would like to thank you and express my gratitude.”

The event was sponsored and co-powered by titanium sponsors Julphar Gulf Pharmaceuticals Industries. Prime Sponsors were Medimpact Arabia, Tabuk Pharmaceuticals and Right Health. The Premium Sponsors of the event were Apple Clinic, Dr. Ismail Healthcare Group, Novo Healthcare. The Healthcare Sponsors were Advance Care and Beryl Healthcare.



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