February 28, 2024

Dubai Economy bolstered with setting up of a Newer Analysis Collaborative Platform

  • According to a governmental agency statement, the website will be matching up on the funding, R&D (Research and Developmental) wing-focussed corporates, universities aids, etc. in seven varied groups.
  • Dubai, to boost up its digitalized campaign 2030, is in pursuit to set up of a wholly digitalized module/platform combining and bringing together academics and corporates in lieu with collaboration on Research and Development of Dubai Economic reforms.
  • The Governmental body-Dubai Economy that’s solely responsible for the Emiratis Economic reforms as well a due actionable economic agenda will create a website to nurture in partnership building measure between local universities, funding aid department and R&D winged corporates in seven varied groups, without the identification of these groups.

As stated by Khalid Al Kassim, assistant director-general for economic affairs at Dubai Economy, “The active participation amongst the co-operative R&D organisations provides them a key edge over their closest rivals by supporting them for having acquired greater expertise and shared resources, thus ultimately driving them achieve higher innovative standards and thus, generation of best productivity standards.”

He also pointed out that, “By creating a digitalised platform, it bridges the gap between academic institutions and corporates and helps them increase the competitiveness of the native economic ecosystem in the long and short run.”

There are few positives for the UAE, as in the latest World Competitiveness Rankings by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), it has climbed two ranks up to fifth place amongst 63 other nations.

According to IMD Sources, the UAE has made momentous advancements in competitiveness from previous years, thus, building up its business environment and serving as a fundamental core block for building and establishment of more start-ups and entrepreneurial companies.

As stated by Dubai Economy, “the coolest and new R&D (Research and Development) based website will act as an interactive “matchmaking portal”, thus, allowing the participants for exhibiting their competencies and issue collaboration requests.”

Dubai Economy, the Government body, as well stated that “this will support an acceleration of innovation and as well surge the R&D activity in Dubai apart from paving a smoother way out for the collaboration to flourish.”

The move comes as the UAE implements government initiatives in bolstering up the economic progression process, attracting a lot of investors, pooling up of Foreign Direct Investments, and building up a lot of jobs market. These measures thus, embrace easing up off visa restrictions, reducing the price of doing business by cutting up off dynamic government service fees and permitting up to a hundred percent foreign possession of firms operative in thirteen varied sectors.

Academics and trade industrial platforms have shown “keen interest” in connecting the R&D collaboration network, as according to Maria Al Rais, director of business development at Dubai Economy.

“Active engaging of potential platform participants already at the platform designing phase is very crucial for a rewarding launch,” Ms. Al Rais stated accordingly. The platform can bit by bit expand from encouraging R&D collaborations to creating an impression on the economy and generating a direct financial gain, Dubai Economy stated accordingly.



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