May 26, 2024

Six Illustrations of the AI utilization dominant in current Scenario

web-4861605_1280_Six Illustrations of the AI utilization dominant in current Scenario
web-4861605_1280_Six Illustrations of the AI utilization dominant in current Scenario

The latest of the disruptive technologies Artificial Intelligence has been there with its full might in the current scenario. However, in my conscience, no one would be aware or thought about the moment when Artificial Intelligence (AI) entered into our very lives and emerged as an integral part of our daily existence. It has now almost powered our day to day activities so much so that it has filled the way world look into a different angle of lives’ existence.

Its potentiality has always been tremendous with newer application possibilities as well as arena being unearthed. Then whether it being the first ever movie recommendation one has got on Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other Entertainment Applications, or it can be perhaps the purchase history using any E-commerce source website on the go.

Let us ponder upon six of the simplest and practical daily utilized illustrations of AI in our environment and the broadening areas as well as its scope of development in near future.

  1. Healthcare Sector.
  2. Virtual PA’s (Personal Assistants and their practical Scope)
  3. Customer Care Sector
  4. Financial Arena
  5. Delivery and E-commerce Space
  6. Smart Homes and Smart Cities

Healthcare Sector: – Over a decade or so, the mounting epidemics, and pandemics as well as killer health issues like varied forms of cancer, and even in identification of any wear and tear in tendons, ligaments and other minute areas of human body is all possible by utilization of AI in healthcare.

For best illustrations: – With support of just one Artificial Intelligence machine called Mamograms, it accurately diagnoses and anticipates best cure for varied killer cancerous cells  thus outperforming the work of Six Radiologists and in no mean time. It (Mammograms) utilizes computer algorithm that can analyse images inside the human body in a fewer seconds thus quickening in the overall speed of diagnosis.

It has also proven its mettle in detecting the presence of Coronavirus in the patients and thereby curb the otherwise aggravated pandemic COVID-19 as Chinese tech giant Alibaba has recently developed an Algorithm for its detection with over 96% accuracy rate. The algorithm that analyses CT images of patients’ chests is utilized in tandem by more than 100 healthcare facilities for distinguishing the disease from other viral pneumonia cases.

Virtual PA’s (Personal Assistants and their practical Scope): –

Who wouldn’t be living in the world which is undoubtedly not dominated by virtual voice assistants in form of Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google voice Assistants that mostly the world is familiar with.

The interaction with these PAs is on a regular basis, then be it – ask them for specific directions, information about the weather and the news, stream podcasts, play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, schedule our meetings, or even ordering personal, homecare, food and even setting language option-single or bilingual.

In other words, with the help of AI and its subsets, voice assistants learn from the previous history, user preferences and utilization of all the valuable information collected to offer better search results and service options.

Customer Care Sector and best Initiatives: –

Even in case one hasn’t been connected via virtual personal assistants’, the interactions still continue. Wondering how? Yes, the answer is the virtual chat bots that utilizes both Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Robotics technology.

The best and unique part of these chat bots are they are able to provide perfect solution to almost 80% of the common queries of all consumers in the most accurately and timed manner, without need of human indulgence. The AI chat bots can in fact now replicate and even speak, perform and even facilitate human-like interaction and personalize it more than their human counterparts.

Financial Arena transformed digitally: –

The finance industry relies heavily on the humungous amount of data and accurate real-time information. With the ample as well as proper utilization of AI, it’s now much convenient for detection of frauds, financial-laundering, or any other suspicious behaviour. Some of the financial advisors’ responsibilities can also now be automated too, as AI-powered advisors can quickly scan the market data, and predict the best portfolio or stock.

For best illustration: – The utilization of Erica-an AI digital assistant employee with National Bank of America has already served over 7 million consumers apart from handling over 50 million queries. Erica also highly supports consumers with their transactions and budgeting, tracking on their spending habits, monitoring duplicate charges, and providing vital advice.

Delivery and E-Commerce Space: –

The utilization of Artificial Intelligence is in the automotive industry as well and is most commonly related to the management of self-driven vehicles, that are leveraging machine learning and vision to find their way through the traffic safely.

The E-commerce giants Amazon and Walmart are already on the verge of investing large amounts of funding into drone delivery programs. Amazon’s goal for its Prime Air service is to create fully electrified drones that have potential in delivering the packages lighter than 5 pounds, to their customers located within 15 miles, in less than 30 minutes.

Smart Homes and Cities: –

One of the best examples is Nest, the thermostat algorithm, which uses an intelligent machine learning process to find out about your behaviour and therefore the temperatures you wish. It then anticipates and adjusts your home or your office to your temperature needs, at an equivalent time saving significant energy resources.

Google acquired Nest back in 2014 for $3.2 billion and now aims to make a sensible and helpful home. The tech giant is trying to attach devices like thermostats, cameras, alarm systems, doorbells, and locks under an equivalent roof, offering a simple to use smart home solution.

However, for this to figure seamlessly, technological advancement within the field of IoT and 5G must be utilized. Near-zero latency is what allows for smart homes to be remotely controlled. As one can witness, AI is impacting and improving every aspect of our lives and our society. It’ll revolutionize the way we do various things, from driving our cars to receiving medical treatment. Although this technology remains in its infancy, it’s already managed to disrupt the above-mentioned areas and offer us a sneak peek into the longer term.



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