May 28, 2024

Impending Crisis proving to be a huge booster for Digital Transformation


While the Impending Crisis has created several troubles at prominent intervals the human society across religions/races/geographies/countries/continents, this could amend several business models, operating cultures and the subsequent journey of digital transformation at regular intervals for an enterprise during the long run.

Humans are resistive to alter, and lots of organizations have faced challenges to rework in a very digital way- resistance from senior management, middle management or operational workforce or altogether everybody enclosed. The customers were conjointly not totally digital savvy and failed to seek digital choices although provided considering their comfort and ease in doing transactions through typical mode, millennials were an exception.

Since the digital revolution may be a necessity forced upon to the workforce by the organization/environment owing to the factors – competition, peer pressure, capitalist influences, business degrowth, dip in revenues, several companies have started adopting digital changes. The amendments were nominal -could be a surface level UI change or sanctioning businesses through multiple modes digitally – online/mobile or different client facing channels or face platform changes however, to finish machine-controlled customer journey.

However, several of those changes haven’t enabled the enterprise for his or her business to grow and also the finish client /ultimate beneficiaries have rejected the changes and opted for organizations that provided for a higher digital outlook.

The sector of monetary sector and Banks are early adopters of digital transformation with electronic cash transfer real time, ATM Machines, transactions through mobile/web browser, digital onboarding of client, document storage digitally, API/BPM/RPA driven progress for automation etc.

Varied industries followed suit with digital provide chain, conversion of insurance, airline and travel, trade goods, vehicle and transportation, producing, retail and also the likes. Although the digital transformation may be a journey with a lot of and more innovations and discoveries happening across the world dynamically spanning across multiple industries, the concept of a completely digital business /sector or digital country is way from reality or an initiative ever been inspiring to group.

With the Impending Crisis, it’s a forced amendment for human being/society to adopt to a digital and contactless mechanism for business transactions between people or firms or Government or trade / remittances cross border (B2B, B2C, B2G, G2G etc). The countries that are adopting to the current methodology is a lot of seemingly to achieve the new digital paradigm post the Pandemic.

Apart from the physical product that must be transported between parties, all the opposite underlying workflows are digitized and avoiding human to human contacts. For the physical product to be transported, robots, drones with sensors may be deployed for finishing the delivery. For giant machinery delivery, contactless mechanisms mistreatment huge carriers may be deployed.

Human intervention is nominal and contactless except wherever proficient and analytical intelligence is needed where a machine with AI/ML is unable to execute and is also very tiny in rendering support. The trade between countries can start and flourish only the stipulations of a brand-new digital order is followed.

When civilization and countries evolved and modernised, comparison existed between Developed/developing, East/West, nuclear/non-nuclear however within the new World order, comparison is probably going to be solely between Digital/Contactless versus others.

Countries and communities can refuse to trade with different countries except wherever inevitable and totally essential if it falls into the traditional class. There can be chance of the human societies divided /gap between countries widening any on this parameter.

In any industry that has initiated the digital amendment, it’s authoritative that subsequent set of digital transformation can evolve post Pandemic. Cash, card, paper, cheques etc are partially/completely replaced/face extinction within the aftermath of Pandemic.

The business models of merchandising and marketing are virtual, and travels are restricted except wherever essential or where digital contract documents are at a risk for execution. There can be few industries that is probably going to be wedged because of this transformation unless it’s fully digitized and contactless like airline /transport etc.

While the society is evolving, this new normal/order will make sure that minimum computer/mobile acquisition is needed for all the voters which can get supplemental to the present three R’s (Reading, writing, arithmetic) which can be Computer/Mobile skills. This information is vital for basic troubleshooting and fixing hinderances which incorporates looking out, putting in applications, procuring of space/data from cloud and just in case of exigencies of seemingly technical disruptions.

Businesses can thrive and flourish with a brand-new set of digital upliftment involving all stakeholders- customers, businesses, IT Vendors, investors. within the future, once any businesses are probably going to emerge/evolve, the minimum necessity supported the new digital order can got to be followed for backing from the investors.

Housing/apartment/villas were made earlier supported specifications of bedroom/hall/kitchen that is probably going to alter to accommodate an operating area for the citizens. Whereas huge workplace areas are seemingly to diminish and a lot of and more firms can adapt to a contactless digital atmosphere with all facilities provided reception to figure for the workers, there can be a lot of empty areas, less vehicles on the road and forceful reduction in pollution that might solve a number of the pre-existing surroundings problems faced by group.

To conclude, the Impending Crisis has brought the globe to its knees shattering the companies and economies worldwide. However, these challenges give a chance for brand new businesses to flourish supported a brand-new digital reality – fully digital and contactless. Medical care has found a brand new which means and it’s planning to reach a lot of and more newer areas.

The globe is threatening about implementing ‘ways and suggests that to reduce the disruption caused to the humanity. This can be the right time to specialize in digital transformation by realizing the requirements fast it.

This in fact can result in a ‘lesser direct human interactive’ society however is also this can be the approach the ‘nature’ needed to tame ourselves – the human race, who are doing enough wound to the universe by all the possible means like within the past, human race can realize better and latest ways in which to counter this.

However, the new World is not planning to be a similar kind any longer – the emotions and intimacy of contacts hooked up within the business relationships can disappear and pave the approach for a totally mechanized and digital relationship.



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