April 18, 2024

ebankIT continuously updates its platform to respond to digital channel demands


The most recent version seeks to address the ever-increasing use of digital channels by offering increased security and a more appealing user experience.

Porto, June 7th 2020 – ebankIT, a global company that offers an award-winning, multichannel banking platform, has released yet another update with a view to meeting the ever-increasing demand for digital services, by improving security and offering a better user experience.

Following the launch of version 5.1, in May, which focused on platform usability, ebankIT is currently launching version 5.2, which aims to optimize user experience, increasing user satisfaction, and improving security.

A leading provider of open banking solutions, ebankIT has developed a platform that currently allows access to accounts via the PSD2 services offered by other banking institutions. This feature allows users to view bank balances and transactions through Internet Banking and, soon, through other ebankIT applications.

The latest update includes changes to platform use, both by ebankIT and users, namely related to two major aspects:

  • OpenID Connect Single Sign-On – This new feature allows the use of a single set of authentication credentials for all ebankIT client channels available, Internet Banking, Mobile. Banking and third-party applications. Authentication credentials can now be shared through Fintech such as to enable a Single Sign-on, i.e. login to a series of systems using a single user ID and password, through standard protocols.
  • New transaction limit options – The ebankIT platform now includes an additional configuration tool that allows users to set maximum transaction numbers. For instance, a client may choose to allow a maximum of X transactions per day.

According to Renato Oliveira, ebankIT’s CEO, ‘Digital channels have become increasingly popular, also in the banking sector. Optimizing user experience, irrespective of the channel used, is key to developing engaging solutions. The most recent ebankIT solutions offer a better user experience (UX) and address the need to improve digital platform security. Digital security is now more important than ever, as we cannot allow sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands.’

Moreover, the updated version features a new administrative area, the Bank Notification Center, which allows financial institutions to obtain business information pertaining to transactions that generate errors. Rules can also be defined to notify bank personnel of specific circumstances resulting in such errors.

The updated version also includes an extension to the existing Analytic Reporting module, Campaign Analytics, which enables the analysis of data pertaining to campaigns run on the ebankIT platform, namely number and category of views and responses.

About ebankIT

ebankIT is an international company that offers Banks and credit institutions a multichannel banking platform that allows for robust, intelligent, innovative operational management. The mission of ebankIT is to help banking institutions realize their full potential, create proximity to customers, minimise costs and increase digital revenues. Deemed one of the “Top 10 Global Emerging Stars” at the KPMG H2 Ventures Fintech 100 2015/16, ebankIT was nominated by Gartner as one of the 7 global vendors that provide support to Digital Banking in all key banking areas. In 2019, the solution developed by ebankIT received once again the “Best of Show” Award at the FinovateFall, in New York – one of the world’s biggest Fintech fairs.



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