February 23, 2024

Bahrain and the broader MENA territory is getting better momentum with the Open Banking System


There is a huge transformational shift across the MENAs financial services arena that has been done in tandem with the launching of the Open Banking products within several other Banking arena in Bahrain.

During December 2019, with the launchpad of the initial Open Banking Product, the Bahrain, has initiated a complete shift in the mindset powering the financial institutions across the kingdom and wider MENA region for adoption of a significant and latest Financial Services world.

This phenomenon called Open Banking System was initially fuelled with ample support from Central Bank of Bahrain, the initial in the Middle East territory, and then it also introduced the protocols that mandated the adoption of open banking by the retail banks. Thereby it boasted off promoting a better benchmark in the territory’s overall financial arena.

The kingdom of Bahrain, that has kickstarted the Open Banking Ecosystem, that got mandated during 2019, has thereby got positioned itself as the very essence or heart of the revolution of Open Banking. Thereby, it is powering and playing a pivotal role across the FinTech Sector across Bahrain and wider MENA territory.

This technology driven Open Banking system in turn is proving its worth, by the development of a complete better data-driven, frictionless, as well as the whole of a client-centred experience, thereby nurturing and empowerment of varied MENA backed consumers. This has led to a varied Open Banking cognizance campaigns that has been rolled outdoors into the region, which include academic campaigns, a virtual aid hub, and new work opportunities within the FinTech sector.

Recently, the Fintech Start-up Ecosystem among Bahrain used to be ranked among the fastest-growing sectors into the Middle East. Open Banking will fuel simplicity and amplify facility within the Financial landscape, permitting Financial institutions in accordance for leveraging the wealthy data they have for providing the clients revolutionary and targeted merchandise so much they go well with their requirements.

Over the previous 7 months, the Kingdom has witnessed various banks investing within Open Banking merchandise that are powered with the aid of Tarabut Gateway; MENA’s first licensed Open Banking platform. Financial establishments in the course of the place choice quickly lie capable after offer calculation volume services, then a range about new Open Banking functions inside this year.

These strategical partnerships along Tarabut Gateway have employ between motion a career after a current road about banking and intention support banks within Bahrain after create extra seamless yet intuitive banking experiences.

Dalal Buhejji, Director about Business Development, Financial Services at Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) stated that: “They are witnessing speedy shifts inside MENA’s Open Banking scene. Bahrain is a international leader yet is constantly enhancing the frameworks to facilitate or guide the transformations reception place. This desire force greater competition then extra rapid arrival in mean international markets so well. Our innovative centred enactment or developing FinTech ecosystem bear instituted it feasible in conformity with embark latter standards for digital banks into the place among much less than a year.”

Kunal Varma, Head over Retail Banking (Middle East), Standard Chartered Bank stated that, “Bahrain is playing a lead function in turning in concerning its start banking story across the region. These collaborations intention enable banks into the region to dress revolutionary technologies whilst leveraging the swiftly evolving ecosystem about facts sources to deliver digital-only experiences. The Fintech sector within Bahrain is hastily growing, or especially at this time, at that place is a need in accordance with commend modern propositions. This transfer will motivate mean banks in imitation of offer options up to expectation enable increased transparency or inclusivity. “

Abdulla Almoayed, CEO over Tarabut Gateway commented concerning the growth among the place “Open Banking is one regarding the near interesting tendencies between the economic applications quarter yet has been a hearty trip for to us because far. We are pleased to confer banks regionally recognizing the honour of adopting that technology and realizing the influence that brings because its customers. This alteration wishes increase Open Banking action research because of the MENA region, who intention motivates others in accordance with join. We want in conformity with be piece about so trip or apply our position within MENA as like the trusted Open Banking associate because of monetary institutions yet FinTech’s among the region.

With clear insights or greater facts factors becoming accessible, banks wish at present be in a position in conformity with offer better financial products then functions because their consumers. These customized insights intention make bigger engagement, sales, yet average income for the financial institution then utilized efficiently. Hence paving the access in conformity with a current world regarding financial services.

This, in turn, will empower bank clients throughout the Kingdom to take control concerning their finances, performing better decisions, or square more than one accounts via a alone application. Open Banking desire swifter adjustments among economic institutions or FinTechs between MENA or will basically seriously change the modern banking experience among an extra intuitive and personalized experience.



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