July 18, 2024

With the flexibility in restrictions, Dubai’s non-oil economy continues to upsurge


With the post-pandemic time period, the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 has been flexed up, Dubai’s non-oil (Private) sectoral economy is back on track during August, as the trade continued its recovery mode.

However, despite it the overall result in the productivity was one of the softest during past three consecutive months, as the overall pace of growth demand tanked. The neutral 50 mark reading for the second consecutive month in tandem, for the seasonally adjusted IHS Markit Purchasing Managers’ Index statistics, wherein it fared an August reading of 50.9, from a 51.7, slight slip during July, provided marginal enhancement in overall business conditions.

Since the July’s eight month higher surge, the new work margins have witnessed an upsurge solidly during the previous month although, rate of overall growth remained a bit weaker. David Owen, an economist at the IHS Markit further stated that “the overall business bustle moved out as per the expectations and was very solidly improvising, the development rate got a tad slower than during what was observed as meteoric surge as in July.”

This was perhaps the initial time since April, that there is a weakening output index reading observed as most of the UAE firms have yet not witnessed out a complete full-scale uplift in demand to the pre-pandemic levels and that despite a marked upsurge being witnessed in Sales, in general there is not much improvement observed in the customer demand that has remain passive since April.

There are a number of measures taken in by various authorities for aiding in the enterprises recovering from virus-aided slump. Like other nations, the Dubai has introduced a plethora of measures during April for containment of the rapid spread of COVID-19 Pandemic.

The most of the restrictions in the emirate has already been flexed out and it is now already open for the global tourists. During July, the Dubai government in a bid to support overall expansion for the business to Dh6.3 Billion, there was an announcement of an economic stimulus package worth Dh1.5 billion during July. During the month of August, wherein it was observed that there was meteoric surge in August, surge in construction, wholesale, as well as the growth in retail arena remains bit softened.

The travel as well as tourism arena also registered a decelerating curve in business conditions, but so much remained reasonable typical and the speed of turn was uniform beyond July, in accordance to the survey.

Business optimism additionally lean remaining month along half corporations watching for recreation according to improve.

Job cuts gathered career so organizations persisted to limit ability or servant costs. The slump in the general labour force figures was largely into an average atop the six-month sequel on decline, the survey stated.

Mr Owen stated “Demand weak point drove a further reduce after jobs into August at broader stage including the trend upon this COVID-19-affected period.”

However, others cited the pandemic’s “unpredictability” as like a barrier after recovery.



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