July 18, 2024

Bringing the Finance within the Middle East Territory will be core to success for the contractors as territory adjusts to a new normal


As according to the Global Data’s MEED, bringing the project finance will hugely be a core factor towards success in Middle East’s project market within 2021. The firm reviewed the territories $3.4 trillion pipeline of the future projects as well as have found out that since 2015, the huge hurdle for the firms in the Middle Eastern projects industry has been finding new work, with this year 2020 being at the helm of a five-year slowdown.

The Editorial Director of GlobalData’s MEED, Richard Thompson commented that “As the governments are focussed on battling the COVID-19 health crisis as well as providing a financial aid for the economy, the project contract awards has hit an all-time low during this year 2020. He also stated that as the year is coming to a close and trace of finding out a possible vaccine/cure is still on cards during final quarter of this year 2020, further lockdowns as well as disruptions are yet on the cards. However, he also added positive remarks that we are unlikely to witness a repeat of the complete economic shutdown as witnessed during March-April.”

The better opportunities within 2020-2021 will hugely be coming largely as from the $280 Billion worth projects currently undergoing a tendering, although not all among them will proceed as per the plan. Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE are the two of the huge markets, that as per an estimate accounts for overall 40 percent of the total projects being tendered. Oil as well as Gas, Transport and Power projects in general build up for 70 percent of the core value by the sector.

At an overall $3.4 Trillion, the territories overall pipeline of planned forthcoming projects is literally huge, the vast majority of this value is still at an initial stage of the design or feasibility studies. With the government finances under a huge lot of stressful situation due to the COVID-19 scenario, many estimated projects as planned and chartered out on drawing board will be either delayed, curbed or even stood cancelled.

Thompson adds: “The largest hurdle in any project is financing. The World Bank estimates that so is a $100bn shortfall of the funding wished to give the region’s infrastructure requirements. Governments execute develop due extra effectively as anyone else and they are doing so, as like nicely as much brush over their reserves. However, they ought to control growing debts as well as deficits.

“Any company able in accordance with carry between financing in accordance with a project, whether via export deposit guarantees, and as well as advise direct finance via public-private partnerships (PPP) wish stay properly positioned after take recent employment among 2021.”



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