February 24, 2024

For Powering up better strategic ties and cooperation, the DIFC’s FinTech Hive has signed deals alongside Israel’s FinTech Hub


One of the nations pioneered core financial technology booster Dubai International Financial Centre’s FinTech Hive as well as the core financial free zone’s has signed up a deal alongside its Israeli Counterpart FinTech-Aviv here on Saturday to bolster up the Co-Operation as well as in aiding up the member firms to strengthen in their overall operations.

Within the additional framework of providing in better referrals for its member firms who are primarily focussed upon the progression of their jurisdiction of each, both the FinTech hubs will be in tandem cooperating with each other within the areas of empowering talent development as well as events.

The Executive Vice President of DIFCs FinTech Hive Raja Al Mazrouei stated that: “In similar comparison with Dubai, Israel is known better towards its competitive approach towards innovation as well as in acceptance of FinTech reach, which is vital for the collaboration for sharing better knowledge as well as in expansion of the sector in further scenario.”

The DIFCs is an in-house for in excess of Two Hundred and Forty FinTech backed firms and there is plethora of or endless scope for better progressive prospects. Minister for State as well as Abu Dhabi’s Global Market Chairman Ahmed Al Sayegh stated within FinTech Abu Dhabi that: “The Emirates is explicitly in look out for tapping up the Israel’s Financial technology expertise garnered over the continuous thrust and period of time, with both the Economies focussing on an establishing a ‘FinTech Corridor’.”

Specifically, in order to establish a better peace prospect, better cross border financial transaction management, the UAE in accordance to normalize relative relationship with Israel, had signed up Abraham Accord within the September this year, churning out a numerous pact with the nation in accordance to enormous varied arena that ranges from Aviation to Finance.

Earlier, within this same time frame, The DIFC along with ADGM has signed separate agreements alongside Israel’s premier lender banking institution Hapoalim for jointly progressing native FinTech Ecosystems as well as in discovering better market prospects between both nations. The relative duties between both DIFC and ADGM are well focussed alongside the expert knowledge sharing of Bank Hapoalim. They are: –

  • The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) alongside the cooperation lend by Bank Hapoalim will work in partnership for expansion of businesses, improving the global trade scenario as well as in observing better financial services, mutual trust between the two nations-The UAE and Israel in tandem with Abraham Accord treaty.
  • Simultaneously, in general terms the DIFC alongside the expertise of the Israeli Lender will be instrumental for sharing the knowledge as well as working in partnership with each other for managing, organizing and sharing varied Industrial Events for nurturing up the Cross-Border Innovation, ample prospects development thereby strengthening both economies.

The ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Specialist also signed a deal alongside the Israel Securities Authority to upsurge the co-operation as well as in encouraging the FinTech business. The pact provides a huge outline for data sharing and will allow the crusade of start-ups, knowledge and talent between the two jurisdictions, ADGMs regulatory authority stated the previous week.



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