June 23, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s Initial Client Micro-Financing Licence procured by Zain Group FinTech Unit


Post the finalizing as well as finishing up of an Eighteen-month testing trial alongside the Saudi’s Central Bank’s Law backed Sandbox the Firm Zain Group FinTech Unit acquires a full and final approval for providing Micro-Financing Services to clients within the kingdom via a Mobile App.

In an exclusive announcement done on Thursday, Zain Group stated that the award of licence to Tamam Financing Firm, that is also the initial FinTech unit set up with assistance of Zain Group within the year 2019, and is one of the initial kinds by regulator within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Vice-Chairman as well as Group Executive of Zain, Bader-Al-Kharafi, stated that: “Investment in practical digital services such as the FinTech arena is an approach that they have launched a few years ago by means of Zain Cash and linger to implement across our markets as a vital element to their constant evolution and triumph.”

The firm also announced that: “The Tamam group is a Sharia-compatible podium giving direct access to Clients Micro-Finances within less than five minutes time frame. Tamam’s objectives to upsurge financial inclusion in the kingdom in line with the Financial Sector Development Plan of Vision 2030 programme initiated via the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to expand the economy.”

The chief executive of Zain’s Saudi Arabian business and Tamam vice-chairman and managing director, Sultan Al Deghaither, announced that: “Within the heart of Zain KSA’s visualization to be the foremost provider of digital services in the kingdom, the Innovation as well as Investments within the Digitalized services like FinTech fuels the firm’s overall output.”

Listed on the Boursa Kuwait, operating within the Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia as well as Sudan and South Sudan, the Zain Group offers direct access for its mobile services for in excess of 49.8 million dynamic clients as on September 30th 2020, the previous year.

The company further announced that: “The whole licencing process reviews in the finishing up off an Eighteen-month time frame testing trial within a mandatory law Sandbox set up via Saudi Central Bank. The application as well as services were scrutinized for the functionality, safety as well as the affinity alongside the client end user profiles within the Saudi Arabian territory, in conjunction with the Sandbox’s rules.”

Mandate for digital payments as well as other financial technology services has flourished as more individuals utilize the online banking amenities for the transference of the finances and pay for E-Commerce dealings amidst the otherwise surging COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Statista, the worldwide digital payments are all forecasted to raise to $8.26 trillion in 2024, from $4.4tn the previous year. In November, the Central Bank of the UAE stated that it has unlocked a new FinTech office to drive the robust progress of digital payments and progress financial inclusion in the nation.



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