June 23, 2024

MENA Tech Start-Ups Investment appetite to only become robust forever


The overall investment within the tech firms have been upsurging the Gulf as the governments within the territory progress up their overall energies in advancing their economies over dependence upon the Oil industries. Saudi Arabia’s Public investment Funds, that have put their best bet upon Uber Technologies as well as Jio Platforms, is all poised to pay down as much as $40 billion within the Oil-affluent kingdom throughout the year 2022.

Nuwa Capital, formed a year ago by Talhouni, Sarah Abu Risheh and Stephanie Nour Prince, has elevated $75 million to install in tech start-ups across the MENA territory as well as Turkey, Pakistan and sub-Saharan Africa.

Managing partner at Dubai and Riyadh-based venture capital firm Nuwa Capital, Khaled Talhouni, stated that: the overall craving for investing within the tech start-ups across MENA territory have revealed no hints of dwindling and will only further upsurge.

Most of the profits elevated in the Nuwa fund get derived from Saudi family business and corporate clusters, including the Al Faisaliah Group.

Talhouni further added that: “Overall, as you can see, globally technology is being supercharged as a segment. Technology is all-pervasive across everything, it’s not a discreet sector anymore, so I think the allocation towards ‘tech’ in different stages is only going to increase significantly, even in advanced markets.”

As according to data platform Magnitt, Start-ups in the Mena territory have engrossed a record $1bn in funding the preceding year.

He further added that he has confidence in the territory will endure to reap the rewards of effective start-ups like Careem, which was traded to Uber for $3.1 billion in 2019; and the trade of Souq.com to Amazon in 2017 for $580 million.

He also added to his statement that: “We’re opening from a position where, even like-for-like linked to alike emerging markets, we’re still at a much lesser availability of capital. I think we’re still very much primary to the initial days of achieving the success.”

Talhouni further added up that: “We didn’t set out to set up the firm and the fund because of the pandemic and Covid, we started right before that, but then I think that just deepened our resolve and showed us that this is a great time to build something new.”

He also further explained a crucial point that: “I think what’s interesting is you have this multiplier effect which is that, as you have larger, sizeable, positive outcomes in technology companies like Careem or Souq or Property Finder, a lot of these companies introduce alumni, who leave those companies, not really to other corporate jobs, they’ve been bitten by the bug as it were, so they’re all forming their own companies.”

As according to Talhouni, the multi-faceted investors are overviewing up relative prospects between Seed and Series B rounds of funding, with asset ranging from $250,000 up to $7m.

Prior to concluding the fund, the team has capitalized in numerous native firms, inclusive of Eyewa, Cairo based Homzmart and Flexxpay and is set to declare further investments in the forthcoming weeks.

The Partner at Nuwa Capital, Abu Rished, further additionally stated that the priority areas of consideration lie in Software as a Service (SaaS), direct-to-clients – ecommerce with a secluded label angle; as well as rapidly digitizing industries (RDI).

She also further added that: “As the appetite of corporates to meaningfully work with start-ups increasingly develops, we will be witnessing more pronounced changes across the regional ecosystem and seeing more start-ups reaching escape velocity.”

Talhouni acknowledged there will be a precise emphasis on Saudi Arabia. “Saudi Arabia is evolving as the swiftest mounting ecosystem. What’s happening today in Saudi Arabia is incredible, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime generational change,” he stated.

“We view in general so many businesses come out of there whereas two years ago there was effectively nothing. I think we have realized a massive shift and a real unlocking of energy.”

“Although we anticipated a delay assumed the thought-provoking economic climate and limited travel, we have been able to build the right partnerships and finalise our first close in under a year,” stated partner Ms Prince.

“With a notable community of LPs [limited partners] we are able to gauge up value creation and offer both strategic and operational sustenance.”

The venture capital firm is among many looking to invest in start-ups powering out a technology boom fuelled by the pandemic.”

It has collaborated forces with large affluent groups and family offices that are pioneers in diverse industries like the health care, pharmaceutical and property, stated Ms Abu Risheh. The fund also tossed the Nuwa Network, which links founders, investors as well as an operational expert, to aid the start-ups gauge up and develop as they steer market roadblocks.



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