February 25, 2024

For transforming and providing right roadmap, Dubai has approved plan for figuring the city for 2030

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As per the latest roadmap for the Dubai’s Innovation-powered expansion in the prevailing decade, the topmost ranked officials have nodded for the green light for the Dubai’s Strategic Plan 2030.

The Executive Council of Dubai, that was presided by none other than Crown Prince, Ruler of UAE, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, supported out the initiative to “build out a framework for new projects as well as initiatives that will in turn unite emirate’s sustainable progression as well as their global leadership within diverse sectors”, as per stated in a statement.

The crew in charge of evolving the strategy includes 44 representatives of government as well as the semi-government entities, which will operate alongside as one team under the Government of Dubai.

The Statement further added that: “The aids of the diverse members of the taskforce will be vigorous to build up a wide-ranging plan that will boost Dubai’s global leadership and its grade as the global best city to live and work.”

Structuring upon the positive implementation of Dubai Plan 2021, the new Strategic Proposal will set a wide-ranging agenda for the emirate’s advancement until 2030. It will pursue to merge Dubai’s stellar progress and global actions over the preceding five decades, in accumulation to further enlightening its business setting and attractive public contentment and affluence.

The crew or dynamic group will be braced by sub-committees highlighting representatives of public and private entities and the non-profit sector, native as well as global experts, academia, students, and associates of the public.

Initiatives for the Dubai Strategic Plan 2030 will be formed with reference to global attractiveness indexes and benchmarks for cities.

The Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai, Abdulla Al Basti, stated out that: “The whole point of the triumph of Dubai’s futuristic projects rest on their ability for setting out huge benchmarks of brilliance.”

He further added that “We need to challenge ourselves to set new standards to ensure Dubai’s global competitiveness.” Al Basti also further stated out that the crew will participate in the efforts of numerous sectors and stakeholders in evolving the initiatives.



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