May 21, 2024

Cleanwatts arrives in Asia, announcing partnership with Macnica


News by Cleanwatts

Portugal June 1, 2021: As part of the continuing internationalization of Cleanwatts, the
Portugal-based company announces a regional distribution agreement with Macnica aimed at deploying advanced energy efficiency products in Japan and other Asian markets.

In the wake of ambitious Net Zero commitments recently made by the Japanese government, both companies are experiencing an increase in demand for sophisticated real time energy management and energy efficiency systems.

Specifically, Macnica will provide to commercial and industrial enterprises the full range of
products from Cleanwatts’ Kisense® platform, including real time management of electricity, gas, water and CO2 emissions from individual discrete assets to complex portfolios of assets across multiple locations.

In parallel, Macnica will also engage independent power producers and renewable energy source operators through Kiplo®, Cleanwatts’ virtual power plant (VPP) designed to provide aggregation services, grid-level balancing and wholesale energy trading in support of local energy communities and smart city projects.

Given the breadth of Cleanwatts technological capabilities, Macnica is now well positioned to address a range of new and rapidly emerging market needs triggered by the ongoing
transition towards decentralized generation, storage and consumption of clean energy.

“We are deeply excited about entering this partnership with Macnica. Asia represents an
important piece of the global energy transition challenge and we are honored that Macnica have chosen to partner with Cleanwatts to help address the rapidly emerging regional needs for energy decarbonization” – says Michael Pinto, Cleanwatts CEO and Co-founder.

The first Cleanwatts service to be deployed under the partnership will be Kisense® Buildings, a product that allows companies in diverse sectors to achieve significant operational cost savings and marked reductions in CO2 emissions. Consolidated data from Cleanwatts’ clients show a range of benefits derived from the deployment of Kisense® Buildings:

• Reductions of up to 30% in pure energy costs
• Operational cost savings of up to 10% through data-driven process optimization
• Maintenance cost reductions of up to 20% through predictive analytics and control
• Competitively priced integration, high interopertability with existing systems
• Up to 50% cuts in CO2 emissions derived from more efficient use of utilities
• Simplified sustainability reporting based on real data

Founded in 1972 and with annual revenues of €4B (2020), Macnica is a Japanese company and a global leader in supplying semiconductor, electronic components, network equipment and software products and services to customers worldwide in the electronics and enterprise Media Release IT markets.

Macnica offers world-class technical support and global supply chain logistics to
customers in throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe. Macnica also deploys its systems expertise to propose new standards and applications, and to develop key intellectual property for emerging markets and applications, making it easier for customers to address new needs.

“We are really pleased to become a technology partner with Cleanwatts. By selling
Cleanwatts products not only in the Japanese market but also in the Asian market, we will contribute to the expansion of renewable energy and the decarbonized society, and aim to realize a sustainable society.” – says Atsushi Sato, General Manager of Strategic Innovation Business Group, Macnica.

About Cleanwatts
Cleanwatts was founded in 2020 through the incorporation of Virtual Power Solutions (VPS) and several startups operating in the area of digitalized energy management. The company’s mission is to simplify, amplify and accelerate energy decarbonization for clients around the world.

Cleanwatts achieves this by focusing on two vectors that drive financial, environmental
and social benefit for its clients: smart energy efficiency delivered as a service and affordable clean energy also offered as a service. Cleanwatts currently manages more than 2TWh in over 2000 locations across various industries, international airports and local communities.

Cleanwatts offerings are designed to reduce operating expenses, complexity, volatility and unpredictability in respect of energy procurement, consumption, generation, storage,
balancing and trading. The company delivers its services through a suite of wing-to-wing
proprietary software platforms that allow clients to manage, optimize and control energy use in real time, from behind the meter applications to front of the meter balancing services.

Acting as a smart utility, the company also offers zero capex solutions that deliver affordable clean energy to local communities through multi-year service contracts.



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