May 27, 2024

Women Entrepreneurs; Advantages and Challenges!


Entrepreneurship is no longer a vastly male-dominated area. Many women are starting their own businesses successfully. In fact, many incubators, accelerators and venture capitals are targeting and supporting women founders specifically and for different reasons.

Why should we support women-led businesses?

1.     More inclusivity in the business world

Over half of the population worldwide is made up of women. Women are taking part in many vital processes like education, parenting, healthcare, science, and other areas and they need to be reasonably represented and heard in the business world too. Many women scientists, researchers, and activists deserve to be supported to start their own businesses and to take their ideas, values, and visions into fruition.

 Including the female perspective in our decision making process for big world issues is not only a demand on our part but is also a need.

This is why many business-supportive companies are starting women supporting programs and initiatives.

2.     Female-led startups are mostly successes

It is estimated that over 90% of women-led businesses are succeeding and generating profit.

Women founders and teams are doing as great in executing their visions as they are doing planning and strategizing them. Despite the challenges they are facing, many women founders have made it into the list of the most successful and impactful businesses in the world.

Leadership skills, employee engagement and support, detail-oriented execution, and big picture thinking are all factors that many women founders excel at and maybe this is what is contributing to their successes compared to their male counterparts.

3.     Women founders are focusing more on value than on money

When starting a business, women founders are more inclined to be internally motivated by a vision or a cause.

Most women-led businesses are solving social, environmental, or individual problems by starting their own businesses. Focusing on healthcare, Education, childcare, mental health, environmental change, and other global and human matters in business will not only serve the business owners but will also serve the greater good.

Challenges facing women founders

Women entrepreneurs are still facing challenges and difficulties especially when it comes to funding. The majority of funding and Venture Capital money goes to male-led startups and businesses for not very clear reasons.

Empowering women and enabling them to find the fight funding sources is something that

FasterCapital, an online incubator and accelerator based in Dubai, is launching 2021 women entrepreneurs’ cohort to help women start, grow, and fund their businesses successfully.

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital comments, “Women entrepreneurs are proving their abilities in all aspects and markets. We will be glad tow support dedicated women who have a vision and are looking forward for delivering it.” If you are a woman who is starting or who owns a business, you can join the women entrepreneurs’ cohort now here.



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