April 16, 2024

Robust platform for the topmost entrepreneurs being offered out by Dubai Next

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This unique, innovative and robust podium, that had already introduced 543 campaigns- is offering the Start-ups as well as the concept introduced for both the Emirati as well as global talent in-house, for an opportunity to commence out their venture within Dubai.

It is by far no doubt that SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) arena acts as the core part for any dynamic economy and is touted as powerhouse of the subsequent generation of entrepreneurs as well as usually also a significant supplier to GDP.

In recent months, the Dubai government has commenced numerous new initiatives to foster a future-ready entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) has launched a three-month ‘Certified Professional Entrepreneurship Diploma’, and a ‘Masters’ Programme in Intellectual Property Management and Innovation’.

The Ministry of Economy has initiated the ‘Skill-Up Academy’, to nurture commercial leadership; the ‘Scale-up Platform’, to sustenance of the start-ups in their evolution; and the ‘Grow in UAE’, podium, which offers up to date data on investment policies and prospects.

According to a declaration distributed by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SMEs found about 95 percent of all firms in Dubai, engaging around 42 percent of the personnel, and producing 40 percent of the GDP.

Authorizing, mentoring, and nurturing, this SME segment is not only considerable for Dubai’s existing economic health; it is also vital to ensuring that the emirate flourishes in the evolving fresh global economy.

Prabhu Ramachandran, CEO, and founder of Facilio Inc., the AI-based property operations platform that found a receptive market for its breakthrough technologies in the Emirate stated out that; “Dubai has always been the proverbial city of dreams, for innovators and entrepreneurs. Identifying the ‘next-big-thing’, or even a great idea that fits the emerging economy can be tricky. The Dubai Next platform not only showcases the next generation of entrepreneurs, it puts them in touch with the investors too.”

The Ministry of Economy has tossed the ‘Skill-Up Academy’, to raising business leadership; the ‘Scale-up Platform’, to provision start-ups in their progress; and the ‘Grow in UAE’, platform, which offers up to date data on investment policies and prospects.

One such resourcefulness, which has gathered a lot of attention, is the ‘Dubai Next’ crowdfunding initiative that will decentralize venture capital, the stage had already accommodated 543 campaigns, which are offering up the start-ups and ideas introduced by both Emirati and global talent, the prospect to promotion off their venture in Dubai.

The COO and Founder of Rent-A-Towel, a service provider enabling more sustainable linen-management in the hospitality industry, Ram Mohan have lot confidence Dubai is specifically a huge receptive marketplace for innovative start-ups. He stated that: “When we launched our Dr. Linen range, we were introducing an entirely new fiber, apart from a disruptive model for linen-management. The response we got tells me that Dubai is one of the markets most open to new ideas and approaches, globally. The Dubai Next platform could be the perfect way to tap into this appetite for innovation.”

Forming a financing mechanism that is more likely to interruption with convention, will picture a brand new avenue for evolution, in the Dubai economy.  The Dubai Next platform will not only be a shot in the arm for forthcoming-equipped entrepreneurship, it will enhance to the volume of employment created by the SME sector. As Dubai steps boldly into the new economy, its initial official crowdfunding podium could be the empowerment that unfastens the forthcoming generation of unicorn start-ups, to emerge from the territory.

Crowdfunding has certainly served as a gentle screening mechanism for start-up networks around the globe, and the Dubai Next platform — the very primary official platform of its kind in the emirate – could benefit entrepreneurs to set their concepts to the ultimate test: their target audience.

Abhay Pandey, a home-grown entrepreneur who assembled the techno-consultancy MAST Consulting Group from gaze within the UAE, brands the case that the Dubai Next platform will inspire entrepreneurs to follow more unique business models.

He further stated out that “At our inception, we were a completely self-funded and bootstrapped firm, introducing a new service model, across multiple verticals. A platform like Dubai Next would have been an ideal interface with prospective investors for us, at the time. I believe its launch will enable many more entrepreneurs to take a new and unprecedented business approach and scale better and faster.”



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