July 18, 2024

Keap’s latest E-commerce features aids Small Businesses development


Keap, a global established firm within the sales, marketing automation software for the smaller businesses, announced recently unveiling of their latest e-Commerce features that are customizable, comprise flexible checkout forms, natively integrated Shopify as well as premium payment global players like PayPal, Stripe as well as WePay. The podium will be launched in Pro as well as Max editions.

This shift in E-commerce podium is all as majority of the entrepreneurs utilize diverse apps as well as the tools for marketing in their trades, client relationship management, online sales as well as general sales process have turned out to be tedious and time consuming. Due to this outcome, deals are primarily lost out as they are unable to customize sales as well as payment prospects for matching out their revenue models.

They also struggle to develop their business because they don’t produce enough repeated clients and referrals, spend too much time tracking orders as well as the settlements.

Statement from Rajesh Bhatia, Chief Technology Officer, Keap

Rajesh Bhatia, the Chief Technology Officer, at Keap, stated out that; “Entrepreneurial, growth-minded small businesses need to create repeatable, predictable growth to reach their goals. By expanding the e-commerce features in our platform, Keap amplifies the power of our leading sales and marketing automation tools so entrepreneurs can maximize their profitability while saving time. By reducing the headaches associated with integrating multiple software, we help companies grow without the chaos.”

Statement from Jade Olivia, Keap’s Customer and certified partner

Jade Olivia, Keap’s Client and certified partner stated out that, “As an entrepreneur, I used to pay for multiple tools to run my business online and it was not only costly, but also frustrating and inefficient. Ever since I started using Keap, I only pay for one platform and still get all the functionality I could want – and it’s easy to use, too. Now that new e-commerce capabilities are available, I’m excited to bring in more revenue, all while collecting payments more seamlessly.”

Features from Keap’s new podium and impetus on Small Business Development

Keap’s Pro and Max edition also covers in core online selling tools, thereby having simplified robust integrated e-commerce podium that lot of other trades utilize them.

For an illustration: – Keap’s native Shopify integration activates automated follow up when a cart is abandoned or a procurement is being done. This aids the businesses power sales and reduces time spent chasing prospects.

In addition to this and checkout forms, the new features comprise upon the integrations to Quickbooks online and a diverse mix of fresh sales reports.

Keap’s latest feature in form of Checkout Forms, also offers out to enhance their overall prospects for speedily implement one-click upsells, discount codes, subscription payments, ease out and trigger better productivity with automated payment module and time, latest service options as well as diverse mix of remittance prospects.

It also syncs all transactions directly with the CRM’s, creating the clients to save more time, with the aid of solitary tool for meeting out all their trade requirements.



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