June 22, 2024

Huawei unveils latest financial inclusion solution at HUAWEI CONNECT 2021


Huawei unveiled recently at the HUAWEI CONNECT 2021, a latest financial inclusion solution comprising of mobile payment and microfinance. This solution aids the financial institutions offer swifter and affordable services, which aids bring the world closer to financial inclusion.

Huawei will endure in to work with ecosystem partners and utilizing latest data and communication technologies to progress mobile payment as well as create a thriving business ecosystem.

During the HUAWEI CONNECT 2021, Huawei advanced the future of digital revolution across businesses from three perspectives: scenarios, models and ecosystems.

Huawei unveiled 11 new industry solutions, one of them being the mobile payment and microfinance solution. The latter utilizes new technologies to aid the financial institutions around the global advance mobile payment, connect users, merchants, channel partners and developers, and creation of a thriving ecosystem.

Banks are utilizing the mobile payment and microfinance solutions, comprising of cloud technology and SaaS, to create bespoke business models and a thriving super apps ecosystem.

Huawei’s financial inclusion solution comprise off a mobile wallet, a mobile payment platform, an open framework for super apps, and financial merchandize platforms. With these services, banks can swiftly present various financial services.

Following are the proposed three perspectives: –

A great app connects users and traders: – Huawei provides multi-channel technologies (SuperAPP, HTML5, USSD carrier, Agent and Open API) to aid banks reach their clients swifter and at lower cost. Huawei is also aiding small merchants improve their digital operations through tailor-made applications; these also help banks outside of China to develop agent networks to reach online and offline customers. With Huawei solutions, financial institutions can design a complete online customer journey and deliver a better customer experience.

A financial merchandizes platform connecting clients and funders: – Outside of China, operators have a considerable number of clients. They are therefore the engine of commercial progression and the criterion for monetization.

However, they lack a platform to relate to banks. The financial products platform helps operators recommend users to banks, who in turn can deliver integrated financial products directly to users.

A developer platform makes it possible to build an ecosystem: – There are numerous types of developers, comprising those for core global service systems, local services, and middleware such as small plugins. Huawei offers a cloud-native SaaS solution that nurtures iterative innovation and open APIs.

This permits other SaaS partners and different ecosystem players to connect to the HUAWEI CLOUD platform.

Banks and partners can easily discover latest services and speedily bring together diverse ecosystems to fruitfully launch joint projects.

The firm’s financial inclusion initiative has already been fruitfully implemented in various nations.

For an Illustration: – Mayanmar perspective: – Huawei functioned with KBZ Bank in Myanmar to build a new digital wallet called KBZPay based on the public cloud.

KBZPay participates diverse marketing tools to offer a fully digital experience for users and help merchants attract clients. In just two and a half years, KBZPay has welcomed over 8 million registered users, creating it the leading digital payment brand in the nation.

Kenya perspective: – Safaricom: – Huawei functioned with Safaricom creating a payment brand called M-Pesa. Podium offers bank transfers, also offers various other services for daily life.

At the same time, it aids the KCB Bank, NCBA Bank and Safaricom offering out the micro and small loans to individuals and traders. In the market for 14 years, M-Pesa has been influential in growing financial inclusion in Kenya from 23% to 85%.

Huawei is in striving pursuit to advancing financial inclusion. The firm has presence in more than 30 locations in more than 20 nations, covering 300 million users in regions such as Southern Africa, North Africa and Asia-Pacific. Huawei’s drive is to offer practical and varied financial services to everyone. Through its connectivity and advanced platforms, Huawei aids financial institutions shape digital business processes, implement digital financial inclusion services, and achieve sustainable financial development.



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