July 24, 2024

AppViewX unveils Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation Platform


AppViewX, a pioneer in the machine identity machine identity management and application delivery automation, recently had announced the launch of it’s Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation Platform, fusing its security automation solution for certificates, keys, IoT security and SSH access management across multi-cloud environments.

The platform empowers microservices and zero-trust with service mesh, building out the entire system more flexible, adaptable, efficient and agile. It is available to all AppViewX users as a service and can also be deployed in the public cloud, private cloud or on-prem environments.

Driven by AppViewX CERT+, the boosted platform addresses security compliance driven by exponential growth in machine identities by empowering certificate and key provisioning via auto enrolment and ensuring end-to-end visibility. AppViewX is a foremost choice for enterprises who are looking for machine identity management solutions grounded in security and automation with native workflows.

Statement from Gregory Webb, CEO at AppViewX

“In our recent CISO survey, we found 96% of those who say their organization doesn’t hold full awareness of certificates and keys have experienced consequences as a result,” said Gregory Webb, CEO at AppViewX. “Managing Machine Identities has never been more critical to enterprises than right now. Enterprises should pay attention and put these critical application and hardware identities to work without the risk of unplanned outages or security and audit incidents in order to accelerate the journey to crypto agility. I am confident that The Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation Platform will help users successfully address the increasing demands of Digital Transformation initiatives with increased speed, security and simplicity.”

As per the latest Next-Gen Machine Identity Management Report specially made by AppViewX in association Vanson Bourne, 96% of those who have fully implemented Machine Identity Management-as-a-Service (MIMaaS) have full awareness of certificates and keys across their digital assets, comparatively to 37% of those who have started to implement it, and 28% of those who have not started yet, but plan to.

This clearly validates the worth of having a solution that scales with an organization’s required to aid and adopt next-gen advancements in machine identity management.

The Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation Platform is fortified with many compelling attributes for delivering security with simplicity via automation:

  • Certificate Lifecycle Automation with Smart Discovery capabilities discovers unknown certificates and keys across varied environments
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management-as-a-Service (CLMaaS) aids rapidly to scale to large volumes of certificates, with instant access to ready-to-consume CLM, anywhere and at any time
  • PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) is an easy-to-consume, quick to deploy, scalable and highly secure PKI integrated with enterprise-grade CLM
  • Central Management of SSH Keys and Certificates secures and automates their lifecycles across an enterprise
  • IoT Certificate Management with one-touch provisioning and self-service device workflows keeps IoT devices secure in untrusted environments
  • Multicloud provisioning and deployment provides complete interaction and integration of CERT+ with various services of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Statement from Larry Biagini, former CTO of General Electric and AppViewX Board Member

“The move to multi and hybrid-cloud and OT environments is not possible without a comprehensive approach towards machine identity. The volume of OT devices and potential certificate sprawl makes automation an absolute requirement,” said Larry Biagini, former CTO of General Electric and AppViewX Board Member. “With the launch of The Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation Platform, AppViewX automates and simplifies managing digital identities based on certificates and crypto keys.  Enterprises now have a comprehensive solution for their Machine Identity Management needs.”

Clients can now get early access to the new platform, which will be generally available in November. The podium will work hand in glove with AppViewX CERT+, providing a more comprehensive approach for enterprises to scale their machine identity management. Click here for early access and experience firsthand the power of The Next-Gen Machine Identity Automation Platform.

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