May 26, 2024

IndoSec 2021 core objective to secure Indonesian Cyber Landscape


Thanks to the rampant surge in the Internet penetration, state of the cyberwar, cybercrime has upsurged as in state of remote working data. IndoSec 2021 will be focussing and providing coverage of every aspect connected to the new-age cybercrimes and offer the obligatory intelligence for a cyber-secure Indonesia.

With over 423 million cyber-attacks in 2020, Indonesia is losing out on more than $3 billion USD annually. To curb the situation, Checkmarx, S3, Cyware, ACE Pacific Group and Snyk along with many others will power ASEAN’s biggest cybersecurity event that is IndoSec 2021.

The summit which purposes to pave the future road map for a cyber-secure Indonesia will be hosted virtually on 5-6 October.

At a time when majority of the Indonesian companies are observing to allocate over 50% of their IT budget in boosting out the cybersecurity, IndoSec 2021 as hosted by TradePass will host over 1500 cybersecurity experts and the top players from the sector, offering crucial insights and counter-intelligence against cybercrime.

Statement from Mr. Edwin Lee Regional Director, ASEAN, Checkmarx

In a statement issued, following the participation announcement, Mr. Edwin Lee (Regional Director, ASEAN, Checkmarx) commented that, “As a company, we have always stood for enabling flexible and accurate security solution while also addressing the key vulnerabilities for myriad enterprises across the world. We are keenly looking forward to IndoSec 2021 as this brings together the leading companies and facilitates the common goal of securing Indonesia.”

Apart from posing an excellent networking and business development opportunity, the summit will be packed with numerous insightful presentations and panel discussions.

The summit as announced aims to cover some of the most pressing cybersecurity topics like: ‘Adopting a Zero-Trust security model: Unleashing the full potential’, ‘Managing cyber risks in the era of remote working’, ‘AI in Cybersecurity – Best used as a SWORD or SHIELD’, ‘Addressing the economy’s backbone: Cybersecurity for SMEs’ and many others.

Statement from Mr. Shaun McLagan Vice President, APJ, Snyk

“Security needs to shift to developer-first, where it is built into the development process early rather than waiting to pass over to a separate security team when development is done. If companies want to build a secure product, it needs to be addressed as it is developed, not seen as an afterthought. Getting developers to embrace security, and build it into the fabric of software development is key to ensuring that security can keep up with the pace of modern development, and a fundamental requirement for securing our digital lives.”, expressed Mr. Shaun McLagan (Vice President, APJ, Snyk).

Statement from Mr. Gary C Tate VP – Asia Pacific & Japan, Cyware

Mr. Gary C Tate (VP – Asia Pacific & Japan, Cyware) while expressing his views about the summit mentioned, “We are excited to participate with our peers and learn more about how they are going to proactively handle emerging threats, see how cyber fusion and building a collective defense may be a fit for their needs, and of course, share some of our recent research”.

Statement from Organizer and CEO of Tradepass, Sudhir Jena

Organizer and CEO of Tradepass, Sudhir Jena expressed, “While we are always striving to keep our best foot forward to address the existential issues in the cybersecurity industry, Indosec 2021 will be the most crucial to say the least as it will acknowledge the latest developments from the industry while also enhancing collaboration between the cybersecurity experts and the solution-seeking organizations”.

At a time when the ASEAN Digital Master Plan 2025 is picking up pace, it only becomes too critical for Indonesia to support its cybersecurity as it will only enhance its digital transformation and make it all the more vigilant towards detecting cyber-threats.

Few of the confirmed sponsors comprises off: Checkmarx, S3, Cyware, ACE Pacific Group, Snyk, Tenable, YesWeHack, ManageEngine, SailPoint, BeyondTrust, Magnet Forensics, BlackBerry, Callsign, CrowdStrike, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., Acronis, LogRhythm, Dell Technologies, ForgeRock and Thales.

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