June 22, 2024

Asean Foundation, Huawei Digital Talent Summit 2021 bridge APACs digital gap


Huawei, ASEAN Foundation, will be hosting out Asia Pacific Innovation Day-Digital Summit Talent 2021, on Wednesday, November 3rd. As per both firms, the summit is all focused for bringing together policy makers, researchers, industry experts to share solutions, best practices in structuring a sustainable ecosystem that will aid in the fostering of the digital talents in Asia Pacific.

As per the firm’s report, the COVID-19 pandemic has potently augmented the digital economy over the last 1.5 years. As firms, administrations are undergoing rapid digital transformation, in the hunt for skilled knowledge workers to meet the tests brought by the rise of digital economy, it becomes apparent that there remains a huge gap in digital talents across the Asia Pacific territory.

As per the Korn Ferry research it founded out that Asia Pacific is confronting impending workforce shortage of 47 million individuals within 2030, annual prospect budget of US$4.238 trillion. According to PwC’s 20th CEO Survey, in excess of 50% of APAC CEOs stated that it’s tough to hire digital talent with the right skills.

As per a sustainable digital talent ecosystem necessitates joint efforts from government, corporations, industrial organizations, educational institutions. Notable speakers from ASEAN, UNESCO, International Telecommunication Union, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Maxis Communications will be featured in the panel discussion on the topic of “Digital Talent as Key to Sustainable Recovery & Development” at the summit.

As per the both firm announcements, for solving the digital talent gap, seizing out the leapfrog prospect in the digital era, governments across the territory have been actively firming up the policy and offering out the aid.

At the summit, governments’ leaders from countries across the region, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka will share their practice, policy suggestions and vision in cultivating the digital talent ecosystem.

Statement from Dr. Yang Mee Eng, Executive Director of ASEAN Foundation

ASEAN Foundation Executive Director, Dr. Yang Mee Eng, stated out that, “The creation of a sustainable talent development ecosystem in Asia Pacific requires forward-thinking policymaking and strong public-private partnership. A conducive learning ecosystem will help to groom a generation of digital talents that will someday lead the region’s digital future.”

Statement from Jay Chen, Vice President at Huawei Asia Pacific

Huawei Asia Pacific, Vice President, Jay Chen, commented further, that, The world ahead will be one dominated by devices: connecting, sensing, and reacting to everything around us. We hope our education programs not only reaffirms our commitment to social responsibility, but also prepares the next generation of experts to design and navigate this digital landscape. Our future depends on it.”

The firm Huawei this July, further had announced in July, as the co-organizer of this summit, that its Seeds for the Future Program 2.0, over which the tech firm planned to invest $150 million in digital talent development over the forthcoming five years. The system is poised to benefit in excess of 3 million additional individuals globally.

As per the tech major, Huawei, in 2008, it commenced to roll out talent development programs, since it credited in excess of 1.54 million individuals from over 150 nations via the scholarships, technology competitions, digital skills training. For an illustration: – Commenced in 2008 in Thailand, the Seeds for the Future Program is considered to inspire local talents, encourage seeds for the society for tackling out the digital hurdles.




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