May 25, 2024

eCom Scotland leads in building a carbon neutral business world


The digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland, has become an active, enthusiastic supporter of Pawprint, the employee engagement app which aims to improve the environment by engaging and encouraging workers to be more ‘eco-thoughtful’.

Wendy Edie-eCom’s Managing Director

Statement from Wendy Edie-eCom’s Managing Director

“We’re convinced that the Pawprint app’s combination of behavioral science with a fun, engaging approach encourages carbon-reducing habits that stick – and, so, empowers workers to fight climate change at work, home and beyond,” stated eCom’s Managing Director, Wendy Edie.

“We, along with every other organisation, know that we must change the way we function so we can operate efficiently, effectively and in line with legislation and compliance regulations relating to introducing and maintaining a carbon neutral lifestyle and way of working,” she added.

“So, we’re taking steps now to ensure eCom thrives in the new carbon neutral business world – as well as show we care about preventing global warming along with future-proofing our business. One of those steps includes introducing the entire eCom team to Pawprint and encouraging them to use it to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Inspired by its own increasing contribution to producing a carbon neutral business world and keen to help others do this for themselves, eCom has developed a ‘green portal’ – a demonstration site containing no-cost access, on a trial basis, to a curated list of 20 eLearning courses from top publishers. eCom hopes that accessing these courses will inspire users to develop sustainable green practices at work and kickstart the activities needed to create a greener and healthier future.

Topical themes for this curated solution include Sustainability Strategies, Workplace Sustainability, Environmental Awareness, and Social Sustainability & Equity. These eLearning programs are available, on request, via:

When it comes to measuring and monitoring progress towards becoming carbon neutral, eCom’s Wendy Edie commented, “At eCom, we’re finding that Pawprint’s science-based carbon footprint calculator gives its users a number to work from. In a practical way, this supports our team to live a low carbon lifestyle – and enables us to nurture sustainability in the workplace.”

While Wendy agrees that calculating carbon footprints are inherently inaccurate, not least because of the many – sometimes intangible – variables involved, she points out there are scientifically robust methodologies and frameworks which produce ‘good enough’ numbers.

The data behind the Pawprint app has been validated by Professor Mike Berners-Lee, the researcher and writer on carbon footprints and the author of such books as ‘How Bad Are Bananas?’ and ‘There’s No Planet B’. Pawprint users are given carbon footprint calculators for home and for work. Their subsequent actions are celebrated for even the smallest planet-friendly action – and users are encouraged to turn these actions into habits to secure a sustained carbon saving.

Moreover, in addition to users’ actions towards reducing carbon usage – both individually and collectively – being rewarded, Pawprint provides collective improvement reports, so that organizations can prove their commitment to reducing global warming.

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