February 24, 2024

FTX US Group announces Crypto and Payment Integration with the Stratos Jets


FTX US, a leading US-regulated Cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced entering into a partnership agreement alongside Stratos Jets Charters Inc. Stratos is a private jet charter broker based out in Orlando, Florida. 

Via this partnership, Stratos will be accepting payments via both crypto and fiat via the FTX Pay Platform. FTX Pay via Stratos will only be available for FTX US Clients.

As per the FTX US report, that its FTX Pay, is a service that empowers firms to aid the payments in both crypto and conventional currencies in a swifter and efficient process compared to conventional credit card payments.

As the related outcome of the partnership, Stratos can be able to choose which Coins/Cryptos they can accept for the payments of its services. With the integration of the FTX Pay, clients for Stratos will be accounted for a 1.5% fee as opposed to the 4% fee associated with the standard credit card payments.

As per the Stratos Jets Charters Inc., The Stratos marketplace can be used on a desktop or mobile devices, giving those making travel plans the ability to search for and book flights instantly. 

Travelers can also check itineraries and passenger information, as well as confirm catering and ground services for upcoming flights. Now with the new FTX integration, in just a few extra clicks, clients can also easily book and pay for their charter flights.

Brett Harrison, the President of FTX US

Brett Harrison, the President of FTX US stated: “We built FTX Pay in order to provide businesses with a quick, secure, and inexpensive way to accept payment in any type of currency, with the end goal of revising the global payments landscape.”

Brett also added: “As an organization, Stratos prioritizes the customer experience and we’re happy to assist them in this process through our payment platform. It’s exciting to work with an industry leader and assist in bettering their customer experience while also elevating the presence of digital assets outside of the traditional financial landscape.”

Joel Thomas, CEO of Stratos Jet Charters Inc.

Joel Thomas, CEO of Stratos Jet Charters Inc., stated: “in searching for a crypto partner to integrate with its online booking platform Stratos Marketplace, FTX.US was an ideal fit: FTX offers more features than any other major US platform and it sets the industry standard for security. The FTX.US platform is sophisticated yet simple for clients to use, and it integrates seamlessly with our air charter marketplace.”

Thomas also added: “With the current unprecedented level of demand for private aviation, Stratos was looking for a more secure and efficient way of securing client payments for charter flights. We felt that accepting crypto as a form of payment would dramatically reduce our risk vs credit cards and we selected FTX Pay due to the sophisticated simplicity of their platform and its ability to seamlessly integrate it within our air charter marketplace. Within the first week of integrating the FTX payment platform into Stratos Air Charter Marketplace, we’ve transacted roughly half a million dollars in revenue.”




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