June 22, 2024

The UAEs TASNEEF joins ACS for boosting the position of UAE and maritime institutions


As part of its continuous efforts for empowering UAEs position in the global maritime arena, the Emirates Classification Society (TASNEEF), an initiative of the UAEs Ministry of Defence, had announced its membership in the Association of Asian Classification Societies (ACS).

TASNEEF had been accepted in the ACS post a detailed evaluation of its technical capabilities and performance efficiency of their standards and specifications. This accomplishment will be adding immense worth for the UAEs maritime arena, contributing around 90 billion Dirhams annually to the national GDP. 

The announcement had come during the same time as the UAEs re-election to IMF Council under Category B for the third time.

Engineer Saeed Al Maskari, Chairman of the Emirates Classification Society

Engineer Saeed Al Maskari, Chairman of the Emirates Classification Society stated: “TASNEEF was established as the first Arab classification society in 2012, as part of a joint initiative between the Naval Forces and the National Transport Authority at the time.  Ever since its inception, we have devoted our efforts to become the center of  maritime expertise.”

He further added: “This is in line with the country’s strategy that aims to establish a developed national maritime sector globally, not only in the area of ports and logistics services, but also in the field of specifications, standards, and intellectual property related to shipbuilding and marine facilities. We are partners in helping fulfill the UAE’s vision of building an alternative economy based on knowledge and modern technologies.”

Al Maskari added: “We are proud to join the Association of Asian Classification Societies, which includes a number of leading international classification societies. This demonstrates the UAE’s exemplary certification standards, and highlights the confidence of international classification societies in our capabilities.”

As per the latest recognition, the certificates issued by the TASNEEF will be broadly accepted by all the member states of the ACS that comprise classification societies in Indonesia, China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and now the UAE represented by TASNEEF.

Engineer Walid Al-Tamimi, Director General of TASNEEF Maritime

Engineer Walid Al-Tamimi, Director General of TASNEEF Maritime stated: “We have unique requirements in the UAE due to the nature of our climate and marine environment. This has prompted our leaders to establish a national body specialized in setting technical standards and specifications for ships and marine facilities to ensure maximum efficiency in its operations, and elevate the UAE’s rank as one of the best maritime centers in the world.”

He stated: “By joining the ACS, we will be able to issue dual classification certificates to ships that have certificates from member states. We are also looking to increase the number of shipyards that will operate as per  our building standards.”

It is worth mentioning that TASNEEF is the only entity authorized to issue classification certificates for the GCC Code. It has also developed the Sahara Notation for the specifications of ships operating in warm waters. 

TASNEEF has launched the UAE Yacht Code for building leisure boats to ensure the safety of passengers and protect the lives of marine crews working on these boats.

Adding to these credentials, TASNEEF employs the largest number of national cadres specializing in the field of ship inspection and the issuance of classification certificates compared to other classification societies, aiming to achieve its agenda of localizing the knowledge and experience in the maritime classification sector.

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