February 29, 2024

Polygon acquires Axion and readies in the NFT Stakes


From the business commencement in late 2020, Axion had grown beyond its beginnings as a staking token into a staking ecosystem. Axion has made remarkable progress in its mission to give income investors a new option in the form of a high-yield crypto CD.

Axion had been acquired recently by Polygon, and developers have upgraded the entire platform’s stakes to the Axion V3. As per Axion’s announcement, on the Polygon network, businesses now cost pennies or less – sometimes numerous hundredths of a penny – unleashing a slew of new features that have already gone live such as Stake Naming, Stake Splitting, and the about-to-launch Galaxy Stake NFTs.

Axion is the initial staking crypto to empower the clients to convert their stakes into NFTs also known as Galaxy Stakes, a client can convert their staking data into an NFT featuring a unique, procedural galaxy created on the spot based on the user\’s own stake data.

In the coming months, clients will then be able to sell their Galaxy Stakes on the Axion Stake Marketplace, and the purchaser of the stake will inherit the worth of AXN tokens and the interest along with all future bitcoin distributions.

The core Axion product offers a base 8% fixed APR with up to 47% interest for long-term stakes. But where Axion really shines is in its daily liquid Bitcoin distributions, making it an investment vehicle unlike anything else on the market.

These Bitcoin payouts can be withdrawn at any time and spent, or left to grow, making it a strategy to automatically dollar-cost-average into Bitcoin without affecting your principal.

As per Polygon’s sources, Investors would also have access to Axion Launch, the project\’s token Launchpad which only unlocks for Axion stakers of 1 year or more.

Clients can get in on exciting curated launches such as the $2,250,000 allocation for Vabble, or the current $100,000 allocation for Luxy.io, the next generation NFT marketplace launching on Polygon.

The ecosystem is powered by the Axion Accelerator, empowering the clients to procure and stake in a single transaction. And now, every time someone procures AXN using the Accelerator, they also get a bonus Particles NFT.

This can be utilized in the Axion Collider for a chance to win an additional stake up to 10x the original amount, also capable of earning bitcoin divs. As per Polygon’s reports, Axion\’s tokenomics are surging daily. More than 20,000 individual wallets are in the ecosystem, with 73% of the total supply staked and with a whopping 46% of the token staked for 15 years, crypto first.




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