July 20, 2024

Chroma acquires ESS for furthermore development into Semiconductor Testing Market


Chroma recently announced acquiring 100 percent shares of the Environmental Stress Systems, Inc. The core product of the ESS comprises thermal forcing systems wherein the temperatures can range from extreme variations (-104°C to +175°C). 

This unique technology empowers Chroma to nurture its expertise on temperature control in semiconductor test equipment and meet the testing requirements of the wafer market for extremely low and high temperatures.

Driven by 5G, IoT (internet of things), IoV (internet of vehicles), and other emerging technologies, ESS has developed a cooling technology that reaches up to 1,500W and meets the high-power temperature control requirements for HPC (high-performance computing) and AI chips in advanced packaging processes. 

According to TrendForce research conducted, it displays that the global satellite market could arrive at US$295 billion in 2022. Major nations around the world are deploying low Earth orbit satellites to propel the application of and integration between satellite and 5G communications. 

However, ensuring that the chips can still function normally in the extremely cold environment of space remains an important issue. ESS offers technology with high-power and extremely low-temperature cooling at the core, for simulating the harsh environment in space. 

Additionally, according to Chroma, biomedical test applications, such as RNA, DNA, vaccines, and drugs, require the long-term storage of biological and pharmaceutical samples. ESS has rich experience in designing and manufacturing -86°C ultra-low temperature cold rooms for such environmentally controlled storage. 

This technology will also offer Chroma the latest business opportunities in the field of biomedical testing.

The acquisition of ESS provides Chroma with the chance to further expand into the market of semiconductor test applications, such as in aerospace, electric/self-driving vehicles, 5G, AIoT, and biomedical test equipment. Chroma expects that the opportunities resulting from this synergy will create a strong platform for future growth.




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