May 20, 2024

Bupa Arabia unveils a unique Telehealth Platform with core partnerships


In a qualitative shift with the Saudi 2030 Vision, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has been on a quest of expanding the scope of telemedicine services offered in the Kingdom. This comes as part of the MoH’s efforts to achieve its national e-health strategy and the digital transformation objectives, especially post the effectiveness and success it claims to have achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bupa Arabia added that all the efforts are in line with the initiatives of the MoH (Ministry of Health), and as part of the firm’s overall digital transformation objectives, Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance has unveiled its latest Telehealth Platform that delivers value-added healthcare services such as doctor-patient video consultations (telemedicine) and appointment booking.

Industry sources added that the Digital Transformation Unit (NDU) valued in a tweet on its official account the efforts made by Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance in driving innovation in the Saudi healthcare sector in line with the 2030 vision and elevating the standards for digital Health through its “Bupa Arabia” App.

Mohamed El Missaoui, Chief Operating Officer at Bupa Arabia

Mohamed El Missaoui, Chief Operating Officer at Bupa Arabia, stated: “Digital transformation is a key pillar in our strategy. We are committed to transforming the delivery of healthcare services by expanding our digital leadership and creating sustainable and accessible technological solutions.”

He further explained that Bupa Arabia, via its new “Tele-health” platform, focuses on delivering the best customer experience for its members, directly connecting major healthcare providers with its members to provide them with a seamless customer experience, positioning Bupa Arabia as a pioneer of digital transformation in the insurance industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Commenting on future digital transformation plans at Bupa Arabia, El Missaoui stated: “We are proud to be working with the most prestigious partners from the healthcare sector in the kingdom that include major hospitals and healthcare professionals while also further advancing our capabilities by partnering with other tech healthcare platforms such as Okadoc, and Sanar.”

Bupa Arabia further explained that the latest partnerships will contribute to forming a better healthcare experience as it will allow its members to book instant appointments with doctors through Okadoc and stay connected to hundreds of specialists and doctors online with Sanar.

Bupa Arabia’s Telehealth platform aims to complete the Bupa Arabia Healthcare experience, which also includes the service differentiator “Tebtom Program”, which allows members to refill and receive medication, conduct home labs, and download the results, schedule a vaccination, and conduct live chat sessions with Tebtom doctors to manage their chronic conditions, or receive maternity or childcare coaching with comfort and ease. Furthermore, members can access their electronic health records to download ePrescriptions and manage all health-related documents. All these features are supported by the best-in-class technology that integrates their information and documents in a single app.




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