July 20, 2024

Elliptic Labs partners a Top-3 Laptop OEM for new AI Virtual Position Sensor


Elliptic Labs, a Norway based global AI software company and a world leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors, has signed a Proof-of-Concept agreement with a Top-3 Laptop/PC manufacturer for the AI Virtual Position Sensor, the world’s first software-based positioning technology and the latest product from Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™. The recently announced AI Virtual Position Sensor automatically detects the location of an external display in relation to a laptop. This simplifies the management of multiple work environments, improving worker productivity and convenience.

Apparently, enterprises and workers managing multiple offices and desk setups will find value in a laptop embedded with the software-only AI Virtual Position Sensor, which empowers the laptop to seamlessly identify, locate, and configure an external display. This timesaving solution increases ease-of-use and minimizes wasted setup time, empowering worker mobility and convenience while maximizing productivity.

Automatic detection of the laptop’s position in relation to the external display. Source

“Our latest product, AI Virtual Position Sensor, is the must-have in today’s hybrid work environment,” said Elliptic Labs’ CEO, Laila Danielsen. “Previously, employees who frequently moved between various work locations struggled with different display setups, adding complexity and wasted time to their day. The AI Virtual Position Sensor removes the annoyance of manually dealing with display settings each time they relocate. The AI Virtual Position Sensor automatically knows the position of the laptop in relation to the external display, allowing it to configure behavior between the two accordingly. This ability makes workers and enterprises more dynamic and productive.”

The AI Virtual Position Sensor is a software-only solution that does not need any additional hardware components to work. Instead, it senses its environment using the laptop’s existing speaker and microphone, and then it interprets that environment using virtual, proprietary machine-learning tools, ultrasound, sensor fusion, and patented algorithms.




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