June 18, 2024

OptiFuel to change Argentina’s 400 Freight Locomotive Fleet from Diesel-Power to Zero-Emission Power

Source https://optifuelsystems.com/

OptiFuel Systems, a Ohio based decarbonization solutions provider of products and systems for eliminating emissions in the rail, marine, and power generation markets, has reportedly signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Argentina Ministry of Transportation through Ferrocarriles Argentinos Sociedad del Estado. The objective of this agreement is to develop a project to repower and put into service 400 switcher and line haul freight locomotives, all 100% powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and/or renewable natural gas (RNG) with low or zero emissions, in line with the Argentina’s decarbonization goals.

“Our Transportation Modernization Plan is about developing more infrastructure throughout the country, and it is also about innovative technology – such as this change in the energy matrix of our trains, to make them cleaner, more efficient, sustainable and cheaper,” said Argentina Transport Minister Alexis Guerrera. Argentina is said to have prioritized government and public investment to grow the share of freight shipped by rail throughout the country. Over the next ten years, Argentina plans to modernize and decarbonize their entire 40,000-mile rail network, becoming the first country in the world with a complete railroad network operating with ZERO emissions.

Graphical representation of the transition. Source

“OptiFuel is excited about the opportunity to provide zero emission locomotives, tenders, and refueling equipment to Argentina,” said Scott Myers, President of OptiFuel. “OptiFuel developed and certified these technologies for rail because we believe there is a need for cleaner locomotives that drive increasing value to the world’s railroads, railroad customers, and communities.” Traditional locomotives run on diesel fuel, emitting high levels of NOx, PM, and CO2. OptiFuel’s zero emission rail engine solutions are powered by their EPA certified locomotive CNG/RNG engine rated at 0.00 g/bhp-hr for NOx, 0.000 g/bhp-hr for PM, and Negative CO2 using RNG.

OptiFuel is reportedly developing modular repower kits for diesel locomotives and new locomotives in all lengths, horsepower levels, and track gauges. For Argentina, OptiFuel will build locomotive kits in the US that will be shipped for local assembly in Argentina, creating new jobs and enhancing business in both countries. These kits will include OptiFuel’s zero emission CNG/RNG engines pods in a hybrid configuration (1500hp – 4500hp); locomotive control modules; and onboard CNG/RNG storage pods that can carry up to 2,000 diesel gallon equivalents (DGEs) of natural gas. OptiFuel will also provide powered tender cars (3,000 hp) that can carry 11,500 DGEs of CNG/RNG and construct an estimated 12-15 CNG fuel stations along Argentina’s rail network, each with the capacity to refuel a tender car in less than an hour.




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