June 13, 2024

h2Power Solutions introducing Hydrogen SOFC Fuel Cell Technology to US Market

Source https://h2powersolutions.us/

Toledo based h2Power Solutions has partnered with German manufacturer Hexis to bring their SOFC hydrogen fuel cell power to the United States. This technology provides clean, low-cost, high-efficiency power utilizing natural gas or biofuels. Their compact systems easily tie into existing energy systems and provide both electrical and thermal energy at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy generator systems.

The fuel cells have been utilized in a variety of settings, including private homes, EV charging stations, and agribusiness applications. The proven h2Power Solutions fuel cells provide a decentralized approach to energy production, supplying efficient and low-cost energy using natural gas or biofuels.

H2Power Solutions is focused on promoting direct fuel cell sales and retail distribution. Source

“Our vision is to supplement the existing energy grid with a more efficient, affordable energy solution, and to extend energy access in rural and remote communities,” said CEO Greg Whitlow. “Our product offers end users true energy independence with the added benefit of selling excess energy back to the grid.”

As per the source, in its first phase, h2Power Solutions has been focused on developing the rural market, particularly agribusiness and individual farmers. The ability to convert biomass into green hydrogen, a direct fuel source for the fuel cells, allows farmers to easily turn agricultural waste into both electric and thermal energy.

Reportedly, extensive funding has been made available to help the US achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and our SOFC fuel cell can play a significant part in achieving that goal. The US Department of Agriculture has been receptive to qualifying this technology for federal grant funding specifically for farming applications.

Source claim, h2Power Solutions is preparing to deploy US assembly operations to support new channels in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, and Canada. They have a current demo model in place which has generated over 2600 kW of electrical power and additional thermal energy. H2Power Solutions is focused on the development of an energy division that can sell power and heat directly to the end user while continuing to promote direct fuel cell sales and retail distribution.




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