June 22, 2024

Hashfrog Partners Bitmain and Antpool entering KDA Ecosystem


HASHFROG, a diversified cryptocurrency investment platform, announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with BITMAIN and ANTPOOL, and will jointly launch KDA cloud mining products to provide low-cost, flexible and efficient mining services for KDA participants around the world. The three parties jointly held an online product launch and elaborated on the cooperation relationship as well as their expectations for the future of the KDA market. Representatives from Kadena development team and Kadena Mining Club community also participated in the press conference and expressed their interest and support.

As per the source, it was introduced at the press conference that HASHFROG will adopt the ANTMINER KA3 (hereinafter referred to as KA3) that is newly developed by BITMAIN, with hashrate of 166 T and an energy efficiency ratio of 19 J / T, bringing KDA’s mining efficiency into a new era of energy conservation and efficiency. KA3 adopts the latest design of BITMAIN’s flagship product which is the 19 series miners and an air-cooled heat dissipation technology, so that miners can enjoy the top mining experience under Blake2s algorithm. Xmei Lin, the marketing director of BITMAIN, also announced at the press conference that BITMAIN would gift three KA3 miners to Kadena’s development team to support the technical research of the development team. As a firm believer in the POW consensus mechanism, BITMAIN will continue to contribute to the POW ecology in the future and actively support the long-term development and ecological prosperity of outstanding POW projects such as Kadena.

ANTPOOL, one of the world’s leading mining pool, sits at the crucial part of the mining industry chain providing pool services for a variety of cryptocurrencies. In this cooperation, ANTPOOL can provide HASHFROG with sufficient KDA mining pool resources and endorsement of security. So far ANTPOOL is the only mining pool that specialized in optimizing KDA’s hashrate which allows KDA’s high hashrate miner to give full play to its performance in the shortest possible time, technically guaranteeing the long-term stable operation of KDA miner, aiming at maximizing the mining revenue of customers. ANTPOOL has become a strong guarantee for KDA’s high-quality output by its advanced algorithm, simplicity, transparency, and efficiency of operation while reducing energy consumption at the same time.

As the platform providing KDA mining products in this cooperation, HASHFROG will divide the hashrate of KA3 miner exclusively supplied by BITMAIN into a minimum order size of 10t. Customers can flexibly choose the mining unit to purchase based on their own needs. Multiple mining cycle options such as 90 days, 120 days and 180 days are provided to improve the investment flexibility greatly. Management team from HASHFROG announced at the press conference that the platform will provide $1000000 worth of bonus benefits to users who purchase KDA mining products in this initial launch, and encourage users to actively engage in cloud mining. This large amount of welfare will further expand the return on mining output. HASHFROG, positioned as a diversified crypto service provider, will also launch mining services for a variety of cryptocurrencies in the future, with more crypto product launches planned on the platform around the end of October this year to provide investors with various asset allocation options.

HASHFROG is committed to build a safe and compliant blockchain infrastructure and produce innovative and diversified digital currency investment products. It is a one-stop platform that provides cloud mining service, extensive crypto-financial management, and flexible digital asset allocation solutions for global digital currency lovers. This strategic cooperation with BITMAIN and ANTPOOL on KDA marks that the three parties will deeply integrate miner, site and mining pool resources and continue to deepen and enrich ecological cooperation in mining as well as energy industry by increasing upstream and downstream value along the industry, and providing a solid guarantee for long-term investment of cryptocurrencies.




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