June 15, 2024

Sacombank Makes Inward And Outward Remittance Easier


As long as you are Sacombank Visa Debit cardholders, all inward and outward remittance transactions become simpler than ever. This is one of many practical solutions being implemented by Sacombank to bring convenient and speedy international transaction experiences to users.

Visa cardholders can transfer money internationally for purposes such as studying abroad, settlement, medical treatment, family allowances, etc., and also receive money from relatives and partners abroad to Vietnam quickly and completely free of charge.

Outbound money transfers promptly

In recent years, multinational businesses have been on trend, and the rate of abroad students has increased sharply along with numerous new trade trends which created growth in the demand for foreign currency trading and money abroad transfer.

Aware of this trend from 2021, Sacombank has pioneered in cooperation with Visa International Card Organization to deploy international money transfer service to Visa cards. Customers can experience this service at Sacombank’s transaction offices nationwide and only need to first register personal information and check in once time for transferring money for many different purposes.

Accordingly, customers can transfer up to 8,000 USD/month with an unlimited number of transfers. This service is applicable to Visa cards issued in 44 countries with 9 different foreign currencies. In particular, from now to 31st Dec, customers using Sacombank Visa Direct Outbound service will be rebated 100% international money transfer fee.

Reliable inward remittance channel

Besides the demand for sending money abroad, the demand for receiving remittances from abroad in recent years has also increased sharply. Responding to customer needs, Sacombank has been providing services for receiving money from abroad to Vietnam by Sacombank Visa cards for years and completely building an international money transfer and receipt system via superior cards.

When having demand for receiving money from friends or relatives abroad, Sacombank Visa cardholders only need to provide the card numbers. After the transferor enters the recipient’s Sacombank Visa card information and number, the cardholder will receive the money at a competitive rate without having to perform any additional authentication steps. At the same time, customers will get a cashback 100% fee for this international transaction service.


Guarantee security

Sacombank provides comprehensive inward and outward remittance solutions which are flexible and direct methods. Therefore, customers can be assured of the security, safety as well as convenience of this method. All personal information, and card/account information of the transferors and recipients are strictly confidential by Sacombank and Visa.

Press Release received on Mail from SacomBank



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