May 25, 2024

European Rice to participate in the upcoming DWTC Gulffood 2023


European Rice, an EU-funded promotional program recently announced its participation in the upcoming Gulfood 2023. The mega trade fair will be held in Dubai at the World Trade Center from 20th to 24th February 2023.

European Rice aims to spread awareness among consumers in targeted countries and among professionals such as food experts, distributors, and wholesalers about the authenticity and unique production quality of European rice produced in Greece at ZA’ABEEL HALL Z5-160.

At Gulfood 2023, European Rice will showcase its unique product in front of the global food industry and guests will have the opportunity to taste European rice from Greece.

“We are very excited to be a part of Gulfood 2023. We have been regular participants in the biggest trade show in the Middle East and are confident that this year’s show will be another stellar performance. Gulfood is not only an opportunity for us to connect and network with peers from the industry but also serves as an important platform to share and discuss best practices,” said Mr. Konstantinos Giannopoulos, general manager of EASTH, the union of co-operatives that is in charge for the European Rice program.

Mr. Christos Tsichitas, president of EASTH commented, “European Rice is the finest quality of rice, with rich nutrition value. At Gulfood 2023, our aim is to share and create more awareness about our production of rice, which is driven through high and sustainable tech solutions. While this platform will enable us to create more credibility and awareness about European Rice, we are optimistic that this edition will be a game changer for us to highlight the uniqueness of our products.”

European Rice found fertile soil in Mediterranean Europe and was grown, loved, and became part of European culinary tradition since then. European rice is today distinguished for its quality and nutritional value. It is rich in B-complex vitamins, such as Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, and Selenium, while the carbohydrates contained in its endosperm constitute an important source of energy for the human organism.

The European Rice Market is sub-divided into two different segments, namely, INDICA RICE a long grain variety that represents around 25% of EU rice production, and JAPONICA RICE, a short and medium grain variety that is the traditional European rice and represents around 75% of EU rice production.

Industry sources added that driving creativity and change, the 28th edition of Gulfood will continue to unite food and beverage communities around the world, and act as an industry trend springboard and a global sourcing powerhouse. The event is expected to host over 5000 companies from more than 120 countries, a line-up of industry thought leaders, and the world’s greatest chefs chart the way forward and inspire industry-wide transformation for the good of the entire ecosystem.

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