April 18, 2024

2023 Winners Revealed: Fastest Growing Digital Bank award goes to The Kingdom Bank!


Award winning bank, The Kingdom Bank continues to make a name for itself with its success. The Kingdom Bank’s latest achievement is Fastest Growing Digital Bank 2023, awarded by International Business Magazine (IBM). The Kingdom Bank is believed to continue its development in 2023, and the corporation continues to expand its presence in Europe.

International Business Magazine (UAE) is one of the leading magazines among the specialised magazines on financial and banking issues. Each year, it honours high-performing companies and banks. In order to be among the candidates worthy of the award, prestigious financial companies enter into a fierce competition by demonstrating their performance qualifications. In these awards held every year, companies that are deemed worthy of an award are entitled to receive awards and certificates by International Business Magazine. Winning this award is an important step especially for banks and it ensures that the brand in question takes a prestigious and influential position. It is among the awards that make a sound and have great importance in the finance sector.

Fin-Tech is a banking system that has been actively used for years and aims to carry out banking transactions of customers in a virtual environment. It leaves the traditional banking approach behind and allows customers to perform all their banking transactions in the digital environment. The Kingdom Bank is a bank that has continued to grow and develop in the fintech sector since its inception. For this reason, the features available in The Kingdom Bank system continue to increase day by day and facilitate the transactions of the customers.

The Kingdom Bank is an international digital banking institution. It offers both private and corporate banking services to its customers. The Kingdom Bank, which has started to compete among its competitors since its establishment and is an increasing brand, offers digital banking solutions to merchants and private account holders. It is a fintech brand that succeeds in making more technological and innovative investments to its customers day by day with International fintech banking solutions.

The reason The Kingdom Bank has so many international customers and success is that the brand always has innovative technologies and a user-friendly interface. Offering excellent customer service 24/7 to all of its customers, The Kingdom Bank provides service through accessible channels for all kinds of issues and suggestions with its expert customer support team. By adopting the ‘banking from anywhere’ approach, the bank internalises that everyone can practise all their banking transactions from digital applications and devices.

Fin-Tech Services of The Kingdom Bank

Standing out as a Crypto-Friendly bank, The Kingdom Bank provides digital asset management, which has been a growing phenomenon in digital banking in recent years. It is a Commonwealth Dominica based Fin-Tech investment firm. The Kingdom Bank provides the convenience of customers to manage their digital assets from a single panel. Single panel-full control management is one of the favourite features of the customers, and it provides the opportunity to manage all the assets of the investors, to perform their trading transactions and to trade in international stock markets.

The firm facilitates local and global payments by making it possible to transact in more than 50 currencies with competitive exchange rates and digital asset management. With secure and real-time payments, The Kingdom Bank makes it possible to exchange with account holders all over the world.

Being an award-winning bank, The Kingdom Bank has continued to offer a safe and secure digital banking experience not only to its local customers but also to its international customers since day one.

The Kingdom Bank is a bank frequently preferred by businesses. With the tailor-made secure system, it ensures the security of the accounts used in your business’ investments and transactions. It provides competitive and advantageous FX rates to corporate and correspondence banking services. It allows to receive payments from all over the world to a single business account and to make overseas payments from a single account. It can be dedicated that all The Kingdom Bank customers can track all transaction activities in their accounts and request reporting at regular intervals.

Continuing to rise among Fin-Tech banks since its inception, The Kingdom Bank has been deemed worthy of many awards in recent years. International Business Magazine, one of the leading institutions of the finance and banking sector, made its choice among the shining stars of the financial world. The Kingdom Bank was chosen by International Business Magazine (UAE) as Fastest Growing Bank in 2023. Growing its customer base day by day with its success and innovative technologies, The Kingdom Bank was honoured to be the new year’s Fastest Growing Bank award.

The Kingdom Bank’s Newest Feature: Scan & Pay

The Kingdom Bank’s latest released and implemented feature is Scan & Pay. Even though it has received full marks from its users with all its features until now, The Kingdom Bank brings an innovative perspective to payment systems with its brand new module Scan & Pay. With this newest feature Scan & Pay, customers will be able to make their payments by simply scanning a QR code. A rising feature among touch-free payment systems, it is one of the newest steps among fast payment systems.

The Kingdom Bank provides great convenience to merchants and private account holders with its reliable payment systems. Outperforming its competitors with its innovative perspective among e-money services, this company was awarded the Fastest Growing Bank of 2023 by International Business Magazine.

Where Can You Find The Kingdom Bank and What’s Next?

You can follow The Kingdom Bank and open an account, which is frequently on the agenda with its participation in many exhibitions and interest in customers, via social media and learn about the latest activities. You can find the leading brand of the Fin-Tech industry, The Kingdom Bank at fairs all over the world, meet its experienced team and get detailed information about the services provided by the experts.

The Kingdom Bank’s friendly team, which cares about customer relations, is ready to be with you in any matter you need and with any questions you may have.



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