April 23, 2024

AmiViz partnership with PolySwarm addresses Malware protection demand in ME

Ilyas Mohammed, COO at AmiViz. Image courtesy-AmiViz

AmiViz, the Middle East region’s first enterprise B2B marketplace, recently announced that the firm has joined hands with PolySwarm, a first-of-its-kind marketplace for malware intelligence. PolySwarm has been onboarded to the AmiViz B2B Platform and can be accessed by resellers through their mobile app.

Industry sources added that PolySwarm utilizes blockchain technology to crowdsource its threat intelligence platform, which enables enterprises to combat emerging threats by amplifying and delivering fresh, actionable malware threat intelligence with unprecedented quality, speed, and accuracy.

Ilyas Mohammed, COO at AmiViz stated “With malware attacks growing every moment, the need to find a next-generation solution to protect enterprises from this growing menace is of utmost importance. Especially, when the current set of AV technologies is unable to counter malware threats effectively. Today, we are happy to join hands with PolySwarm, which offers regional enterprises the power of crowdsourced threat intelligence.”

“Thanks to PolySwarm’s disruptive crowdsource approach to malware detection, not only does it benefit enterprises with greater accuracy and speed, but also does not require any skilled security talent to manage it. With PolySwarm in our portfolio, we are confident that our channel partners will be excited to leverage this technology to offer customers peace of mind,” Ilyas added.

Steve Bassi, Founder and CEO of PolySwarm

“We are thrilled to team up with AmiViz to combine our cutting-edge threat detection platform with AmiViz’s deep expertise in analyzing complex cyber threats,” said Steve Bassi, Founder and CEO of PolySwarm. “The number of threats facing the Middle East is growing exponentially, and providing fast, accurate access and insight to the most critical threats facing organizations in the region is crucial. Clients can rest easy knowing they have unparalleled visibility and protection against the most sophisticated attacks.”

Industry sources further added that PolySwarm’s malware feed is a must-have for threat intelligence teams with limited resources who want to proactively protect their infrastructure, supply chain, and customers. Customers worldwide leverage PolySwarm for its multi-engine scanning and file-based vulnerability assessment, as well as live and historical hunting capabilities.  Continuous, fresh intelligence enables security teams to aggregate, manage, and operationalize responses to malware threats in their environment at a fraction of the cost of other malware intelligence. 


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