July 18, 2024

How to Shop for Women’s Perfumes like an Expert


Going for perfume shopping is something people rarely think about until they run out of their perfumes and have to replace it on short notice. For most people, going back to their trusted scents seems the easiest choice but this prevents them from getting new, refreshing fragrances. There are a wide variety of scents to choose from once you decide to shift to a new fragrance or perfume brand. It is important to remember that when you wear your perfume, you are not just doing it for your own benefit but also for those around you. So make sure you choose something that will compliment your pleasant personality and this guide will show you how.

Choosing a Signature Scent

Choosing a signature scent doesn’t mean getting a tailor made scent. Instead it means finding a scent that will uniquely identify you within your close circle of friends. Scents drive memory and that’s why some of our most prized women perfumes are ones closely associated to a memorable event. To get your signature scent you need to be a bit patient and go through several fragrances, testing how each one responds to your skin and how the notes transition over time.

Tips to Testing Women’s Perfumes

When at the perfume store, you have a wide selection of fragrances. In most stores, the perfumes will be categorized by gender as either women, men or unisex. Further categorizations will fall under notes either top or base notes.  A good place to start when testing perfumes for women is by first identifying whether you need a parfum or a eau du parfum. Parfums last longer than eau du parfum and therefore serve as the starting point to selecting a signature scent. Eau du parfum last about 4-5 hours and are best applied as a body splash.

Make sure you don’t test too many fragrances at once since this can cause an overload on your olfactory senses. Try at least 4-5 different fragrances a day and take about 30 minutes between each scent. Ensure you apply the perfume on your pulses, either on your wrist or on your neck. This helps the scent to spread faster on your skin and you can easily notice as the notes transition from the top note to the base note which lasts longer.

Picking Perfume Based on Your Personality

Perfumes just like people, have different personalities. There are the refreshing floral scents such as jasmine or the fruity ones such as the mango, passion or even citrus scents. On the other hand, you the woody, smoky scents that are best reserved for romantic occasions. Similarly, if you are looking for something edgier, you can find several complex and layered perfumes for the right personality you need.


Overall, selecting a perfume is a personal thing and it is an indicator of what someone wants to project to the public and to themselves. It is best to experiment with different women’s perfumes before you can settle on any one single fragrance as your signature perfume.

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