July 18, 2024

Evometa boosts the Business Tech Scene of UAEs Metaverse

Evometa-A new player in the business tech scene of the UAE’s metaverse

UAEs flourishing tech industry gets a boost in its arm with the entry of Evometa, the newest player in the Metaverse creation space for business. The company’s innovative solutions are aimed at helping businesses evolve while also supporting the United Arab Emirates’ ambition to establish itself as a prominent player in the metaverse industry.

As per arabianbusiness.com, the Dubai metaverse economy will be worth some $4 billion a year by 2030. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, said that the Dubai Metaverse Strategy is the “next revolution in the technological and economic field that will affect all aspects of life over the next two decades.” The attention given to the metaverse is directly related to the benefits this new technology brings to businesses.

Industry sources added that companies are implementing personal metaverses and virtual spaces as additional grabbing tools to increase sales, engagement, and brand awareness. They are actively exploring the possibilities that metaverses offer. For example, notable entities in the UAE, such as Burj Khalifa, Commercial Bank International, Dubai Airport, and others, are utilizing metaverse technology to enhance the integration of real and digital worlds. This integration will eventually include online purchases, encourage people to visit real-world stores, and allow for the brand’s product placement.

Denis Skomarovskiy, Co-Founder of Evometa, comments: “Forward-thinking companies are already leveraging the metaverse and virtual spaces to increase sales, as it has been known that virtual reality triggers dopamine and emotions that drive the desire to make purchases. For instance, according to Amazon, the use of virtual reality leads to a 46% increase in car sales conversion rates. We believe this is just the beginning and see tremendous potential for this industry. At Evometa, we help businesses evolve in virtual spaces by focusing on business metrics, offering unique art direction, high-end technology, and accessibility.”

Evometa provides a fast and easy way to create effective metaverses or virtual experiences for businesses. Among the most popular industries that Evometa works with are:

Real estate: Properties can be shown remotely, and buying confidence can be boosted with an immersive showroom;

Automotive: Vehicles are showcased realistically, and sales are improved through stunning interactive configurators;

Industrial: Productivity, efficiency, and safety in complex processes can be optimized with comprehensive 3D training and collaboration tools;

Event: Virtual events and conferences can be easily hosted, which leads to an increase in attendance and engagement;

Art & fashion: Users can remotely experience exhibits and fashion shows through dynamic and immersive 3D virtual spaces.

Industry sources further added that Evometa prioritizes the success of businesses when creating a metaverse. It is achieved through a combination of a unique approach to working with clients, a highly professional team, and exclusive technical solutions.

Evometa operates on a subscription model and focuses on providing value and positive ROI for its clients. Evometa’s team helps develop metaverse ideas and gamification scenarios while keeping business metrics in mind. The development process is divided into steps, including video previews and full product development. 

Clients of Evometa are not required to have a deep understanding of metaverse technologies, as the company’s experts will explain everything in detail. The company employs experienced senior professionals who have already worked on well-known metaverse projects around the world for several years.

What sets Evometa apart is its latest versions of graphics on Unreal Engine 5, which offers an outstanding visual experience, including real-time weather changes. The Pixel Streaming solution enables seamless interaction and unrestricted online access from any device, for which only a browser and the Internet at speeds from 20 Mbps are needed.

At present, Evometa is actively developing metaverse spaces for exhibition centers, as well as virtual car configurators and interactive training programs. The company is also open to collaborating with other businesses and provides complimentary consultations to interested parties.


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