July 24, 2024

VOX Furniture UAE presents VOXBOX for interior design industry

VOX Furniture UAE
VOX Furniture UAE is expanding from its online presence to it’sits first phygital store in Dubai Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali, part of Al Futtaim Malls. Image Courtesy: VOX Furniture

VOX Furniture UAE is a part of global brand VOX Capital Group, which operates in over 50 countries. Established in 1989 and headquartered in Poland, VOX has gained a reputation as an innovative company in the furniture sector.

VOX products are designed to meet people’s actual needs, based on design thinking methodology. The development process involves multidisciplinary teams, including designers, psychologists, ethnographers, sociologists, and the end users. VOX aims to constantly evolve and offer interior designing solutions, recognizing the impact of well-organized living spaces on people’s lives.

VOX Furniture UAE

VOX Furniture UAE is expanding from its online presence to its first phygital store in Dubai Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali, part of Al Futtaim Malls.

Marcin Barański, CEO of VOX Capital Group

“Thanks to our invaluable partners in Dubai, we are delighted to participate in the grand opening of the newest VOX store at Dubai Festival Plaza. This momentous occasion fills us with immense joy and pride as we bring our exceptional furnishings and designs to the vibrant heart of Dubai. We are truly content knowing that our vision of inspiring homes and spaces is now within reach of the residents and visitors of Dubai. This store represents a significant milestone in our journey, and we look forward to forging lasting connections with the community as we continue to redefine the art of furnishing. At the new store in Dubai Festival Plaza, we are thrilled to offer a truly immersive and innovative customer experience. Through cutting-edge technology like virtual reality (VR) and our exclusive VOXBOX program, we empower our customers to embark on a personalized journey of home design like never before” – says Marcin Barański, CEO of VOX Capital Group.

VOX in Dubai Festival Plaza

Dubai Festival Plaza, part of Al Futtaim Malls, has strategically positioned itself as a lifestyle mall to address day to day needs of residents in and around Dubai South community. The mall is the best one-stop-shop for all, including home décor and furniture brands where shoppers can find all they need to furnish and renovate their homes.

Given the strategic positioning and the location, it was a natural choice for us to set up our first store here in Dubai Festival Plaza.

VOX Furniture in Dubai Festival Plaza is a gamechanger with its VR offering

The competitive market demands more than just a good product. Consumer’s decision making in the home interiors and furniture industry has become more complex. We are convinced that people love to be an integral part of the process of creating their spaces, their homes. Therefore, the company developed VOXBOX, a virtual reality platform inspired by gaming. In VOXBOX, customers can design the room in 3D on their own and by wearing the VR goggles, they can immerse themselves in the 3D virtual room, similar to the game The Sims. The platform aims to revolutionize the interior industry by providing a holistic customer experience.

VOXBOX is convenient to use and enjoyable as it simplifies the selection process and allows customers to comfortably choose products, configure their spaces and start interior designing from the convenience of home. Customers can e-mail their projects or visit the company’s studio in Dubai, where an interior designer is available for assistance. The studio also provides access to material libraries, allowing customers to examine fabric samples, boards, handles, and legs they selected while using VOXBOX.

The goal of VOXBOX is to make the furnishing process a pleasant and joyful experience, transforming the customer journey and enabling them to effortlessly create their dream spaces. The platform encourages active participation and collaboration between customers, brands and designers in shaping the perfect home environment.

Benefits of working on this platform

VOXBOX the interior design tool is inspired by gaming technologies like The Sims and Minecraft and it allows users to visualize their room designs with high-quality visualizations. It simulates different natural and artificial lighting conditions and furniture arrangements, ensuring users can confidently create their dream homes.

It is not hard to use

VOXBOX is user-friendly and accessible online without the need of downloading any special software. Users can quickly create visualizations and generate a shopping list. In Dubai Festival Plaza’s phygital store, customers can use VR glasses to take a virtual walk through their designs, with assistance from an interior designer available by appointment.




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