June 15, 2024

HyperPay enables mada Apple Pay Recurring services

HyperPay mobile phone application.
HyperPay mobile phone application.

HyperPay, the leading payment gateway provider in the MENA region, has enabled mada Apple Pay Recurring services for merchants to offer subscription-based services through secure and feasible payment options. This reiterates HyperPay’s commitment to offering merchants innovative payment solutions and technologies that help them stay competitive and enhance business by significantly boosting their sales and revenue through seamless and hassle-free payment experiences.

With the help of this most recent feature, HyperPay’s merchants can offer subscription-based services to clients while ensuring safe and easy payment processes. Customers and businesses can benefit from mada Apple Pay Recurring, particularly those that employ subscription and membership model. Through mada Apple Pay, customers can easily sign up for recurring payments through their Apple devices, which will save payment information for the next time they wish to update their membership and relieve them of the hassle of entering information repeatedly. Meanwhile, their payment information is replaced with a unique identifier called a token, which stores sensitive data such as credit card number, for merchants to process and accept payments, enabling a safe and secure method to effectively manage subscription payments.

Muhannad Ebwini, Founder and CEO of HyperPay
Muhannad Ebwini, Founder and CEO of HyperPay

Muhannad Ebwini, Founder and CEO of HyperPay said: “We are delighted to enable the mada Apple Pay Recurring features and services to our merchants and offer them the latest safe payment solutions. By supporting mada Apple Pay Recurring, we aim to solidify our status as the leading provider of payment gateway in the MENA region, offering a wide range of financial services and products. This new feature would help companies offer their clients seamless payment experiences. At HyperPay, we strive to provide the finest and most dependable payment gateways, solutions and services that enable hassle-free payment experiences for customers.”

HyperPay & ApplePay logo

The service uses tokenization technology to protect customer’s sensitive payment information, ensuring that their information remains secure. Tokenisation is a security mechanism that substitutes a token for sensitive data, such as a credit card number, safeguarding customers’ confidential payment information and guaranteeing the security of customers’ data. The token is used instead of the actual payment information, which renders it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to private information, thereby enabling a secure and safe process for customers to effectively manage their subscription payments. Furthermore, mada Apple Pay offers additional security with its advanced features which include Touch ID or Face ID authentication, which lowers the risk of fraudulent payments or transactions.

By offering the latest payment solutions and technologies, HyperPay aims to help merchants remain competitive in the present market and attract more customers, assisting them in boosting client satisfaction with a seamless payment experience.


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