July 18, 2024

Avanza Innovations launches Orion


Avanza Innovations, the leading provider of enterprise blockchain networks and platforms in the GCC region, proudly announces the launch of its ground-breaking metaverse platform, Orion.

Building on the immense success of its game-changing Blockchain Orchestration and Governance platform, Cipher, Avanza continues to spearhead innovation in the industry.

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Five years ago, Avanza disrupted the market with Cipher, a large-scale blockchain platform ahead of its time. Through Cipher, Avanza quickly established its engineering superiority over competitors, making it the preferred choice for government entities, financial regulators, and major enterprises seeking to implement blockchain technology.

Capitalizing on the success of Cipher and the emergence of the metaverse, Avanza has decided to introduce Orion—a pioneering metaverse platform tailored specifically for businesses and enterprises. Avanza recognizes that existing metaverse platforms lack the fundamental framework and infrastructure necessary to position the metaverse as a comprehensive digital channel for interaction and transactions within enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Avanza also firmly believes that a metaverse platform designed for enterprises must not only offer immersive 3D experiences, but also encompass a robust toolkit and a comprehensive range of enterprise-ready features that secure and assist both enterprises and their customers across various journeys and transactions.

Orion bridges the gap between current metaverse platforms and enterprises’ expectations of a comprehensive 3D digital channel that adheres to their security and customer service policies. With extensive experience working with top-tier government entities and large enterprises, the company comprehends the requirements and expectations of businesses for an all-encompassing 3D channel.

While enterprises recognize that 3D social and business interactions are the future, existing platforms predominantly cater to gaming, retail, and entertainment-based community engagements. Nevertheless, Avanza believes that enterprises face two major challenges in adopting the metaverse: finding a metaverse platform that aligns with their security, customer service, and governance policies, allowing for enhanced customer interactions, engagements, and transaction experiences, and identifying suitable use cases and journeys that meet the criteria for integration with a metaverse platform.


Orion, equipped with a comprehensive set of features and enterprise-ready frameworks, is poised to redefine enterprises’ perception of metaverse adoption. By unlocking a plethora of new use cases and customer engagement models, Orion will revolutionize business operations and customer experiences. 

Avanza is already collaborating with numerous government entities, financial institutions, and large enterprises to launch a range of exciting metaverse offerings and customer engagements on Orion.

The upcoming months, particularly the Gitex 2023 event in Dubai, will witness the launch of several remarkable experiences facilitated by Orion. Orion will catalyze metaverse adoption by enterprises, much like how Cipher paved the way for blockchain adoption in the region.

Avanza’s innovative contributions, including Cipher and Orion, have positioned the company as a local market leader in the blockchain and web 3.0 space. Witnessing such remarkable advancements from a homegrown company is truly exhilarating.


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