May 26, 2024

Housing Bank and ProgressSoft join forces

Ammar Al-Safadi, Housing Bank’s CEO, and From his part, Co-founder and CEO of ProgressSoft, Michael Wakileh
Ammar Al-Safadi, Housing Bank’s CEO, and From his part, Co-founder and CEO of ProgressSoft, Michael Wakileh

Housing Bank recently signed an agreement with ProgressSoft, the leading Jordanian company in the field of software, financial solutions, and digital payments, to provide the best cash and liquidity management solutions to the bank’s corporate clients of all sizes and industries through its electronic channels, while maintaining the highest standards of security and protection. The agreement was signed by the CEO of Housing Bank, Ammar Al-Safadi, and ProgressSoft’s Co-founder and CEO, Michael Wakileh, in the presence of representatives from both parties. According to the contract, the company is set to develop a system of solutions and services to facilitate the seamless operation of the bank’s customers’ businesses. Furthermore, they will enable users to conduct banking transactions and wire funds of any kind at any time, from any location, with a high degree of autonomy and minimal effort.

Housing Bank & ProgressSoft logo

Commenting on this occasion, Ammar Al-Safadi, Housing Bank’s CEO, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with ProgressSoft once again to develop digital solutions that enhance the electronic services we provide to our customers, which is in line with our goals of constantly developing our technical environment to improve prospects for the business sector and companies. This is based on our desire to keep up with our customers’ continuously growing technological needs and our commitment to developing services that support the Bank’s operational activities to ensure growth and sustainability.”


From his part, Co-founder and CEO of ProgressSoft, Michael Wakileh stated, “By leveraging the power of our solution, HBTF will amplify its financial decision-making capabilities, form stronger customer relationships, and solidify its position as a leader in the corporate banking sector,” noted Michael Wakileh, Co-Founder and CEO of ProgressSoft. “We are deeply honored to have been selected as the trusted provider, and we have full confidence that this implementation will propel the bank’s services to new heights of excellence.”

Housing Bank is taking this initiative as it is a leading bank eager to continue providing new and advanced digital solutions and services that keep pace with global trends and are consistent with its vision and strategy for digital transformation. This step will contribute to accelerating the adoption of this transformation by its clients’ businesses, enabling and assisting them to grow, as well as providing them with a modern and effective banking experience that will enhance the financial inclusion rates.


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