June 18, 2024

NewEvol and emt Distribution build on the Strategic Partnership

partnership-announcement-newevol-emt-distribution-1 From L to R: - M Mobasseri, CEO of emt Distribution and Sachhin Gajjaer, Group CEO of NewEvol (Product of Sattrix Software Solutions)

NewEvol, a leading provider of dynamic threat defense systems, and emt Distribution, a renowned global distributor of cybersecurity and IT Solutions are pleased to announce recently their strategic partnership aimed at safeguarding organizational assets and delivering exceptional value to IT-driven customers and businesses irrespective of its industry.

Industry Sources added that this partnership will also facilitate the knowledge exchange and collaboration between the two companies fostering the development of new products and services that address the evolving needs of customers in cybersecurity. By pooling their resources, NewEvol and emt Distribution will accelerate the pace of innovation, enabling businesses to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive technology landscape.

Newevol, a NextGen dynamic threat defense, solutions offer an array of advanced features including data lake, Threat Hunting, Automation, Threat Intelligence, and most important AI/ML-based analytics of data to identify “unknown-unknowns”. With their deep understanding of the cybersecurity domain, NewEvol empowers businesses to proactively defend against cyber threats and safeguard customers’ critical assets.

Industry Sources added that with its extensive channel network and strong relationships with resellers and system integrators, emt Distribution has a proven track record of successfully introducing and distributing innovative cybersecurity solutions. Their expertise in understanding customer needs and delivering value-added services will enable organizations to adopt and implement NewEvol’s cutting-edge solutions seamlessly.

“Our partnership with NewEvol marks an exciting milestone in our journey to offer the most comprehensive and advanced technology to respond to and prevent security breaches, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their digital assets. We look forward to driving significant value for our customers in their cybersecurity journey through this collaboration,” stated M Mobasseri, CEO of emt Distribution.

“NewEvol, a dynamic threat defense system, needs experienced and specialized partner who can provide value propositions to their channel partner and customers sing well oiled systems. A niche and committed partner, emt Distribution, is the best choice for us to drive value business for the channel and customers. We are bringing tomorrow today through emt Distribution.” Says Sachhin Gajjaer, Group CEO of NewEvol (Product of Sattrix Software Solutions)




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