June 14, 2024

Jobs that are safe from AI


Ever since Chatgpt-3 was released by OpenAI to the public, the fear of losing jobs to AI is at an all-time high. And rightfully so. Every Industrial Revolution in the past has caused disruption in the job market. The current revolution dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution is no different. But can AI take up all the jobs in the market? Think about it.

The answer is a big NO, for the time being, though. We have seen AI slowly encroaching into the art space, factory jobs and others.

Let’s be optimistic for a while and think about the jobs that are safe from AI, for now, of course.

C_level_employees, Medical Professional, PR_Professional
C_level_employees, Medical Professional, PR_Professional

Teachers (Tutors or Educators)

A teacher is much more than someone who just teaches facts and figures. Along with the information, a teacher is someone who inspires the students or learners to persevere through the various difficulties that a learner encounters from time to time. Some students need only a gentle reminder. Some students need to have repeated reminders. A good teacher is one who can impart the confidence to the learner that the topic or learning material can be learnt without any issues. That emotional part is something AI is yet to master.

Legal professionals

Lawyers and judges are the kind of roles which are very difficult to replace because there are nuances in the interpretation of law. Each law has a backdrop or context before it was formulated. Human beings can understand these finer shades of meaning and context in which the laws came into being. And there is a humanitarian angle that needs to be considered before pronouncing any sentence. In light of the above reasons, AI cannot easily replace the different roles in the legal field.

PR professionals

Public relations are one of the most difficult professions in the business world simply because the types of personality that one has to deal is almost endless. They also have to deal with the different modes of communication to reach out to them. The number of variables is too large and there is a need to understand the pulse of the target audience, if you will, to successfully navigate the landscape. It is very difficult for AI to master this quality at this stage.

Though AI can check for spelling and plagiarism issues, it still lacks the intricate nuances and the idea of relevance when it comes to journalism, film scripts, poetry, copywriting and other written content. These are still the forte of creative human beings.

Event Management Professionals

Every event has a different theme and reason. To understand this and create an event that fulfills the vision of the customer is something AI cannot achieve with its current level of intelligence. Every event needs unique customization and detailing, which a pre-programmed machine won’t achieve without human interventions.

C – level employees

The CEOs, Directors, VPs and other leadership roles which need a lot of vision, strategy and deeper understanding of customers, market conditions and divergent thinking is something AI isn’t capable of doing at this time. We all know that these things vary from region to region and they have to customize their company’s strategy to keep the above things in mind. Each new variable adds to the complexity in the formulation of the strategy. This is something which can cause AI hallucination i.e., a state of an AI system where it thinks that it is right even though it is factually wrong. An AI can make a decision based on the pre-defined case studies and similar situations fed into it. However, a lot of the business decisions in a company cater to the company’s ethos and employee well-being. It requires a certain level of empathy that cannot be achieved by any of the smartest AI available today.


Sportspersons or Athletes

All sports are free from AI because we human beings love to watch our fellow humans compete and excel, in whichever sport that is there. The real thrill of sports is in the excitement of watching a person perform live and showcase abilities to the best of their limits. We watch sports to witness the real abilities and limits of a human body. AI would just ruin the entire purpose of watching a sports event.

Medical professionals

These days there are a lot of advancements being made in the field of surgical procedures. A lot of AI system or bots are being used to assist the doctors in performing the surgeries. But there are a lot of situations where a doctor has to draw upon their experience to deal with the complex scenarios that arise in the course of their profession especially surgeries. Apart from these, other medical professions like that of nurses, psychologists, or counsellors require a lot of convincing and empathy towards the patients and the people accompanying them. Studies have shown that patients feel much more relaxed when they interact in-person rather than on the screen, let alone chat with an AI bot.


Strategy Leaders and Thought Leaders

This is one area that is the safest of all, I’d say. This group includes people who devise product, business and corporate strategy. Ultimately any service or product is created to be sold to human beings and that requires a very deep understanding of the human psyche, sensibilities and reasoning. The same goes with thought leaders who help to better the way things are done in different industries.

The key takeaway

Any profession that involves skills like communication, decision-making, leadership, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution is safe from the shadows of AI. People who are seeking jobs or are planning to upgrade their skillsets need to take note of the current abilities of AI. For any person, the safest job is the one that helps them to explore and leverage their talent. Dorie Clark, an American Author and a professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business has a relevant quote – ‘All jobs that require you to do only what is expected, is fast disappearing.’

There is a lot that AI can do and there is a lot more that AI will do in the coming days and jobs that are involved in making these AI more capable have the highest demand today.

Blog by Jaison Joy



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