June 18, 2024

FranGlobal joins forces with Arab Franchise Expo

FranGlobal joins forces with Arab Franchise Expo
FranGlobal joins forces with Arab Franchise Expo

FranGlobal, is partnering with Arab Franchise Expo to be held between 21st and 22nd September 2023 at the iconic Queen Elizabeth II in Dubai.  The event will foresee around 100-Plus Franchise Brands from 25 Countries and more than 20 Educational Seminars on Tap at Arab Franchise Expo 2023.

FranGlobal has a reputation for working with various top global corporations helping them to enter and expand in Asia and Gulf countries. For the upcoming expo, FranGlobal announces their plans to take around a hundred UAE homegrown brands and start-ups and take them global.

Gaurav Marya, Franchising mentor and Founder of FranGlobal, commented on their expansion and plans in the UAE. “We are rigorously working to bring several deserving brands to the UAE market, the country is a hub for innovation, and progress. Every business that enters the market rightfully has nothing but wins. At FranGlobal, we recognize the iconic and dynamic brands that are homegrown and starting from this country and we want to help them to global and for the world to see the massive growth of Arab brands and the potential brands from the Middle East possess.”

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Mr Marya also elaborated on their bold financial strategy. With aims to further empower the UAE’s innovation hub with a winning streak, they are dedicared to elevating homegrown icons onto the global stage.“We are looking to drive business investments of around USD 100 million and have a portfolio of the top global brands ready to jump into the thriving market in Dubai.” He added.

Some of their top upcoming clients that are present at the Expo include, USA’s popular Atomic wings, Crunch Fitness which is also from the US and known for their training programs, Miller’s Famous Sandwiches, London Slush, Chai Garam, Dr. Alka’s Clinic, and Athos Health Spaces amongst many others. The event will feature more than 100 franchise brands – from emerging, franchise newcomers to medium-size companies and large, well-established franchisors – all segments of franchising that FranGlobal specializes in. The company’s objectives revolve around being a devoted strategist, growth enabler and implementation adviser to its existing and potential clients, enabling them to enter and conquer new markets.

Appreciated by their esteemed patrons for their top-notch services like Franchise consultations and solutions, Market entry consulting, Partner identification and recruitment, Concept research and alignment and strategic investment services amongst more, FranGlobal has worked across major industries like consumer services, health and wellness, food and beverage, retail and education.

With over two decades of experience taking brands to and from Asia to the world, the firm is associated envisions enabling start-ups to compete more effectively by providing market understanding, operation expansion and growth programs.

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