May 23, 2024

10 Ways to Make Your Small Lawn Look Bigger

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Even though you have a small lawn, it doesn’t mean you have to be content with simply having green turf and a few plants.

Trusted providers of landscaping services say that you can still have an outdoor space that suits your lifestyle and one that can be a wonderful addition to your property by following some landscaping tips that can make your small yard look and feel bigger.

Transforming Small Lawns Into Bigger Outdoor Spaces

Below are 10 tips to help you make your small lawn look and feel bigger:

1. Divide your lawn into zones.

By segregating your yard into sections or outdoor rooms (which can include a shaded paved area, a lawn section, and gardens of different heights), you give the illusion of space. 

When you and other people look at the yard from any angle, there is always another zone or room to see or discover. These outdoor spaces can help give your lawn an appearance of spaciousness, even if they are small.

2. Use curves.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a sense of movement creates the feeling of more space. As such, instead of straight lines, showcase curves on your lawn.

Start by placing rolling stone or rock edges in your garden. If you’re having a small pathway built, choose a curved design. You can also grow and maintain arched hedges or cloud-pruned shrubs to create a sense of dynamism in your yard.

3. Place plants with big leaves near entryways and places of interest.

Mulleins, philodendrons, hostas, and other plants with big leaves can make a small space feel and look larger when they are planted around entrances and focal points.

This is because the big leaves cast shadows that give the illusion of depth. These plants give your lawn charm and more visual interest as well.

4. Add color to entrances.

Bright colors can easily get the attention of a person and cause the rest of the space to draw back visually. Because of this, vibrant hues can make your small lawn look larger.

Plant perennials with yellow, red, and orange flowers in entryways to catch a person’s eye. You can also use red bricks or paint fixtures in or near entrances with warm colors to get the same effect. 

5. Put plants with small leaves near the edges of your lawn.

Creeping Jenny, coneflower and other plants with small leaves reflect light, which causes them to blend into the background and look like they are far away.

By placing them around the edges of your yard, you give the illusion of a bigger, spacious lawn.

6. Grow plants in pots or containers.

Planters are great for growing plants in small outdoor spaces. By using pots and containers, you will have a variety of plants that will make your lawn look larger.

Potted plants are also easy to move around – an added advantage if you want to use your lawn as an outdoor entertainment area for a night.  You can move them indoors or other places in your home if you need more space.

7. Make use of vertical space.

Vertical elements can enhance the feeling of spaciousness in your yard. Pergolas, trees, and vertical gardens on walls or trellises also add dimension to small lawns.

Additionally, you use your fence to add depth to your yard. Cover it with hanging potted plants to have a more appealing enclosure. This can help your lawn look a bit wider than it is.

8. Create an outdoor theater.

Enhance the illusion of space in your yard by adding fixtures with varying heights. Start by having a deck built in your yard.

You can also achieve this effect with other man-made structures, such as steps leading up to a pavilion or stonework. Having a garden that scales up is another great landscaping idea you can consider.

9. Consider the size of your lawn when getting outdoor furniture.                                       

One of the common landscaping mistakes many homeowners make is simply getting any kind and size of outdoor furniture.

Keep in mind that scale is crucial when furnishing a small lawn. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a cramped outdoor space. As such, consider the size of your yard before getting any outdoor furniture.

In general, rattan chairs, café chairs and sleek metal furniture work best for tiny yards since they don’t take up too much space. Additionally, they create a sense of dynamism and depth.

10.  Create a focal point in your lawn.

Lastly, an art piece or any outdoor feature with straight or modern lines can help make your lawn look bigger.

Consider having a fountain, statue, or spiral topiary built or installed for this purpose. Make sure the piece is painted with warm colors so that it can easily catch a person’s eye and make the background look more spacious.

Following these tips can help you get more from your small lawn. You can also consult your local provider of landscape maintenance services to find more ways to transform your tiny yard into the perfect outdoor space.

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