April 23, 2024

Riyadh Air And Artefact Inks Partnership To Innovate AI Solutions

The partnership will deliver several benefits to Riyadh Air across its main business functions with the partnership along with Artefact MENA
Abe Dev, Vice President Digital & Innovation at Riyadh Air, and Rahul Arya, CEO and Managing Partner of Artefact MENA. Image Courtesy: Riyadh Air

Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia’s digitally native, world-class airline, and Artefact, a leading global consultancy in data and AI transformation services, have signed a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the aviation industry through AI applications.

Industry sources added that with the utilization of cutting-edge cloud and AI technologies, this partnership focuses on building Riyadh Air’s data analytics platform and developing AI solutions across its core businesses and corporate functions.

Industry sources further affirmed that with these AI solutions, Riyadh Air will be able to hyper-personalize its clientele experience and elevate its guest service through intelligent channels, optimize its flight and ground operations through real-time data insights and predictions, and launch fit-for-purpose offerings of Air and non-Air products through highly efficient and targeted sales channels.

Saudi Arabia’s digitally native, world-class airline, Riyadh Air, is poised to roll out its maiden flight in 2025, thereby revolutionizing the future of air travel and exceeding guests’ expectations of their travel experience. With an unwavering dedication to cutting-edge thinking and innovation, Riyadh Air’s core focus is to setting new standards in the industry, connecting the Kingdom to over 100 destinations worldwide. This initiative focuses on the ambitions of both the National Aviation Strategy and National Tourism Strategy, which aim to bring 330 million annual visitors to the Kingdom by 2030.

From L To R – Abe Dev, Vice President of Digital & Innovation at Riyadh Air And Rahul Arya, CEO and Managing Partner of Artefact MENA

Abe Dev, Vice President of Digital & Innovation at Riyadh Air, added, “Our partnership with Artefact signifies Riyadh Air’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance guest experiences at every stage and every moment of their journey. This partnership with Artefact builds upon our recent collaborations with leaders in the aviation industry. Through AI integration, we aim to redefine travel standards, offering personalized, seamless digital-first experience to our guests ahead of our maiden flight in 2025.”

Commenting on the partnership, Rahul Arya, CEO and Managing Partner of Artefact MENA, stated: “Our partnership with Riyadh Air marks a significant milestone in our commitment to pioneering AI solutions tailored to the unique needs of the aviation industry. By combining Riyadh Air’s forward-thinking approach with Artefact’s expertise in data and AI solutions, we’re poised to set new standards for innovation in the airline sector.”



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