May 24, 2024

PwC Middle East And Orgvue Strategic Partnership To Boost WTS

PwC Middle East announces strategic collaboration with Orgvue to enhance workforce transformation services

PwC Middle East has announced a strategic collaboration with Orgvue, the leading organizational design and planning software platform to enhance workforce transformation consulting services (WTS) for clients in the region.

Industry sources added that PwC Middle East will be able to leverage data-driven insights to aid to the clients in making more informed decisions when it comes to workforce planning, underpinned by Orgvue’s organizational design and planning capabilities. 

Industry sources added that solutions can be tailored based on business objectives and specific challenges, ensuring that recommendations are not only data-driven but also highly relevant and actionable. By improving workforce planning and resource allocation for businesses, the strategic collaboration will focus on helping businesses remain agile and responsive to change.

From L To R – Eyhab Abdeen, PwC Partner and Middle East Workforce Transformation Leader And Rob Amor, Senior Vice President, Global Channels at Orgvue

Commenting on the partnership, Eyhab Abdeen, PwC Partner and Middle East Workforce Transformation Leader stated: “The strategic collaboration with Orgvue brings together the best of consulting expertise and advanced analytics tools to revolutionize workforce transformation consulting. Amid a fast-paced business environment and changing expectations, workforce planning can be the difference between sustained growth and stagnation. Your workforce is your most valuable asset – one that must be valued and effectively utilized. By harnessing the power of digitalization, this approach can be further improved to better allocate resources and budgets, while accurately predicting future needs.”

Rob Amor, Senior Vice President of Global Channels at Orgvue, stated: “This strategic collaboration marks an important step in workforce transformation consulting, supporting people and businesses to achieve the effective organizational design and workforce planning through a data-driven approach. Orgvue provides tools to streamline PwC Middle East’s service delivery, resulting in quicker turnaround times and improved project efficiency. Together, we look forward to guiding organizations through their workforce transformation journey, enabling them to focus on sustainable growth and competitive edge.”

Industry sources further confirmed that In a rapidly evolving business landscape in the Middle East, organizations are increasingly prioritizing innovation and reinvention. PwC’s 27th CEO Survey findings reveal that 48% of CEOs in the region believe their companies won’t be viable in a decade if they continue on their current path. Furthermore, business leaders have indicated that they will turn to adapting their business models in response to factors such as sustainability and digitalization, necessitating the streamlining of workforce development and allocation. The region’s favorable climate for mergers and acquisitions in 2024 further entails the optimization of organizational structures, to ensure a seamless transition and limit talent gaps.   




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