May 28, 2024

Mavin Powercube Lead the Field: Best Data Centre Provider UK 2024

Mavin Powercube, The Best Data Centre Provider UK 2024
Mavin Powercube, The Best Data Centre Provider UK 2024

In the constantly evolving landscape of technological advancement, recognition for excellence serves as a testament to innovation and commitment. The global data centre industry is experiencing explosive growth and transformation driven by increasing demand for AI digital services, cloud computing, and the all-important redefinition of sustainability through renewables and enhanced efficiency practises, within the sector. Mavin Powercube are proud to announce our International Business Magazine’s ‘Best Data Centre Provider UK 2024’ Award. The award celebrates our team’s diligence and dedication to exceptional service and innovation, reaffirming our position as a pioneering force in the dynamic realm of containerised and modular data centre design and build in the UK.

Since 2005 Mavin Powercube has been at the forefront in the design, build and deployment of scalable, secure, Containerised Modular Data Centres (CMDC), Containerised Critical Infrastructure, and modular buildings. 

Our turnkey solutions are designed to deliver long-term sustainability, with quantifiable carbon related metrics and maximised efficiency. We provide scalable, robust, resilient and re-deployable critical infrastructure environments, entirely tailored to our clients individual operational requirements.

Our commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach, combined with our real-world hands-on experience as engineers and IT Technical professionals working in SLA orientated environments has propelled us to become a trusted partner within public and private sector clients seeking a tangible, scalable and efficient route to enable continued evolvement of their compute infrastructure, in-line with the businesses often fluid needs. 

Either via hybrid or single method cooling technology, our containerised and modular infrastructure, can incorporate legacy air-cooled racks, alongside high-density HPC supported racks via ever evolving RDHx, DLC and Immersive cooling technologies with a distinct sustainability focus. 

At the heart of our operations lies a dedication to delivering high performance, UK custom-designed and built, end-to-end solutions, suitable for rapid, efficient deployment, enabling harmonisation of wider critical infrastructure, whilst significantly reducing time, cost, and carbon impact.

Mavin Powercube

The Benefits of Powercube Innovations

1. Rapid Deployment: Powercube offers a plug-and-play solution that can be deployed rapidly worldwide, into almost any environment, reducing go-live timescales. Unlike traditional data centres that require lengthy construction timelines, a Powercube CMDC can be operational within weeks, making it ideal for businesses with urgent computing needs.  

2. Scalability: The Powercube CMDC modular design allows for easy scalability. Data centre capacity is increased easily by adding or removing container units as computing requirements change, even without increasing footprint. Providing an agile, flexible approach to capacity management. This scalability ensures infrastructure can grow with the business without significant disruptions or costly construction projects.

3. Highly Customisable: Adaptability means the Powercube CMDC can cater to a wider range of industries and use cases, from primary critical data centres, supporting Edge, to disaster recovery. The Powercube can be configured to deliver exacting computing power, storage capacity, and redundancy levels required, and designed for specific client requirements such as increased security, durability, and sustainability.

4. Mobility: Powercube’s ‘go-anywhere’ solutions can be easily transported to any location, offering geographic flexibility. This mobility is beneficial for organisations that require data centre capacity in remote areas or for disaster recovery purposes.

5. Energy Efficiency: Advanced cooling, heat recovery and reuse, and power distribution systems optimise energy efficiency, alongside integration of blue-green, bio-solar roofs. This not only reduces operational expense but also aligns with crucial sustainability goals.

6. Cost Efficiency: Clients can avoid the large upfront capital expenses associated with traditional brick-and-mortar data centres. The ability to scale up incrementally means that they can also align costs with their actual needs, optimising TCO.

7. Environmental Considerations: Powercube’s design and efficiency contribute to a reduced environmental impact. Lower energy consumption and optimised resource usage, align with green initiatives and regulatory requirements, making it a responsible choice for businesses aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. Off-site construction methods equate to a vast reduction in site traffic, significantly reducing build carbon footprint.

8. Reduced Complexity: Implementing a Powercube CMDC can simplify the complexities associated with data centre construction and management. Built off-site using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC – The fast, efficient, and ultimately more sustainable way to deliver construction projects) we specialise in innovative, off-site, standardised manufacturing techniques which maximise the efficiency of material, energy and human resources.

9. High Availability and Redundancy: The modular design of Powercube CMDCs supports redundancy and high availability. By deploying multiple modules across different locations, clients can ensure business continuity and minimise the risk of downtime.

10. Simplified Maintenance: Powercube modules are designed for easy maintenance and upgrades, minimising downtime and operational disruptions.

Latest Powercube Projects

Space. A hugely exciting engagement, supporting multiple critical projects in this sector. Currently in the final build stages, this datacentre solution’s combination of co-joined Powercube containers and state-of-the-art M&E, will be deployed via collaboration with partners, into a remote, harsh environment, on a tiny island, in the middle of an ocean. Powercube Director, Russ Bartley commented “We’ve deployed solutions far and wide, with recent projects within the African Continent, but this project takes the 1st place rosette for the most remote and logistically challenging to date.”

Rail. Our partnership with GCRE (Global Centre of Rail Excellence) has garnered significant attention. The new GCRE Rail facility, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, will host a range of R&D operations, including rolling stock testing and infrastructure innovation. Central to this partnership is the integration of our custom-designed and built Powercube – a multi-unit, combined Containerised Modular Data Centre (CMDC), Signal Equipment Room (SER), and an interconnecting Access and Staging Unit, which will empower the facility to drive transformative change in the rail industry. Powercube Director, Craig Rides commented “We’re proud to be collaborating with the GCRE team, supporting redevelopment and growth within Wales but also being part of a project that will underpin and enhance the UK’s stance within the evolvement of rail innovation worldwide.”

Powercube Director Russ Bartley said, “Awards like this reflect the hard work and commitment our team invests in every project, enabling us to maintain our position among the market leaders, and we extend our thanks to the team at Business International for the recognition. 

“For us, it’s all about the customer and championing a more sustainable future for all, plain and simple. We’re a consultative bunch, who place high value on professional integrity, and corporate responsibility. We listen intently, collaborate openly and deliver effectively. Our goal is to make the worlds of everyone we work with revolve more easily, and with less impact on the planet.

“As a company, we believe that true progress comes from embracing new challenges, whether through the innovation, research and development of our Containerised Critical Infrastructure Solutions, or on a personal level and within our team, encouraging and promoting the spirit of adventure and positive change!”

For more information on Mavin Powercube and our Containerised Modular Critical Infrastructure solutions, please visit the website or reach out to arrange an exploratory chat via

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